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    Re: Great Start, Mr. President

    No, he would be talking abotu impeachment. I still can't believe such a large portion of our country got sold by this manure salesman.

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    Re: Great Start, Mr. President

    whatever, you guys are just being haters at this point...I never initially complained about Bush and was even supportive through his first two weeks...his first 8 months....through 9-11...and into Afghanistan. It wasn't until we went to Iraq where I started worrying about the the U.S. and it's international rep.

    At the time I was in Ecuador drinking chicha one night trying to convince locals that terrorism needed to be defeated. It was the first time I was asked by a local professor about Iraq and what had they done to us? I had no answer. Its those moments that force one to question the direction of one's native country.

    On the other hand, you guys are flipping out in two weeks because Obama passes a bill for women's rights and medical care for uninsured kids...of which I will surely see coming through my office. That really seems petty to me in light of what is going on right now and has in the past 8 years.

    As Obama said last night in a rousing speech about those who complain about this being a spending bill:

    "I welcome this debate, but, come on, we are not going to get relief by turning back to the same policies that, for the last eight years, doubled our national debt, and threw our economy into a tail spin '' Obama said, with a passion unseen in public since the campaign trail. "We can't embrace the same old formula that says only tax cuts will address the problems we face.''

    Opponents say the plan is not a stimulus bill, it's a spending bill, he said. "What do you think stimulus is?'' Obama said, with visible frustration. "That's the point.''

    According to Gallup:

    "Here we go again. The official rate of national unemployment hit 7.6% in January, up another 0.4% in a month, at the cost of another 598,000 jobs. That's a job loss of 3.6 million in the past 13 months since the recession began in December 2007. The number of job losses last month were upped from 524,000 to 577,000."

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    Re: Great Start, Mr. President

    Haters? Yes, sorry I want my president to be qualified and genuine. Sorry that I feel that spending a trillion dollars on garbage isn't going to help our country. Sorry that I'm scared of an impending attack now that defense finances were chopped dramatically. Sorry that I find it alarming that this guy is attempting to surround himself with liars and thieves.

    Socialism has proved inneffective all aroudn the world, but we can't talk abotu that, only that the MORON Bush didn't read his conservative playbook correctly, and THAT's why his taxcuts didn't work, they didn't come with cuts in spending. It didn't fail due to tax cuts, t failed due to spending. Now this donkey wants to increase taxes and spending? That's a double whammy gov't income will decresase and spending will spiral even further out of control.

    THE ONLY THING that can help us, is if someoen is willing to cut wasteful spending.


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