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    Some thoughts on the game and the future...

    Well, the blood is slowly surging back into my brain, and I'm not quite as stunned as I was. Still pissed, but the numbness is beginning to recede.

    First, I'll say that Steve McNair will not be starting on this team after next year. I held out hope that he could play for another 3-4 years, but his body and mind are obviously not up to par on a week-to-week basis. Expect to see a QB to be taken in the 2007 NFL draft.

    God bless him for getting us to 13-3, but the guy just doesn't have it anymore. He's been too inconsistent.

    It looked like the old Ravens today. Solid defense, but they couldn't carry the team (and understandably so). A vanilla offensive gameplan, and incredibly poor execution. Too many shitty passes, and not running Jamal while he averaged around 5 yards a carry absolutely blew my mind.

    Nothing we haven't seen before. Maybe that's why I'm so pissed.

    We may have one more run next year before some of our old vets kick the bucket. We all know that Rolle can be replaced, AD may be gone, Ogden may retire, Mason isn't happy, and Flynn and Mule don't have much of anything left in the tank. McNair's inability to stay consistent has become apparent.

    But, I think older guys like Pryce, CMac, Ray, Gregg, Ogden (if he stays), and a few others still have plenty of gas in the tank; being 30-32 isn't the end of the road for a good amount of NFL players. Especially guys like CMac, Gregg, and Pryce.

    We also have a great core of young talent. Ngata, Suggs, Clayton, Williams, Mughelli, 4-6 guys on the O-line, Reed, Scott, and Heap to name a few. A strong draft in a few months will also improve this team immensely.

    Point is that I don't think this team is going to be in a rebuilding mode if Mason, AD, Rolle, Ogden, and a few others leave. We have a great core of talent, and we know the management is top-notch.

    I know losing to the Colts sucks so much ass (considering that this was our big chance at the SB, with one of the best defenses in the last decade), but let's not get too down on ourselves. I still think the future is bright with this team.

    God knows what the hell goes on with BB sometimes, but he basically did a good job this year. But, that gameplan he put forth today is practically inexcusible. It's unforgivable.

    It's still pretty fucking disappointing about McNair and the gameplan tonight, but whatever, we'll be back next year. I really don't think this team will go to the shitter anytime soon.

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    Re: Some thoughts on the game and the future...

    What should Billick have done differently oh guru of gameplans? Playcalling doesn't make McNair turn it over 3 times! Or drop 2 Int's! Or fail to pick up 2 fumbles! Or false start 3 times! Or jump offsides at the Colts 3! Or allow our recievers to get open. The players didn't execute pure and simple. You leave that many plays on the field and the Browns can beat you let alone the Colts. Everybody pisses and moans about play calls after the play fails. It must have been the damn play call! That's why we sucked it up! Had nothing to do with the player! Nonsense!
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    Re: Some thoughts on the game and the future...

    Relax, we're both on the same side.

    I think McNair played like dogshit, and I don't think he should start after next season. Hell, give Boller another shot. Atleast he can throw harder than a 12 year old girl. Make it an open competition. McNair is looking washed up.

    The offense as a whole sucked. But, when Jamal is running very well, and then you STOP giving him carries, I put that on the coach. When you're calling for short routes that don't get past the first down marker, I put that on the coach. When you come out passing all 3 downs, even though the passing game isn't working, I put that on the coach. The blame goes around to EVERYONE associated with the offense.

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    Re: Some thoughts on the game and the future...

    I had a bad feeling after the first series. The game plan was way too conservative for a playoff game. I also thought the defense was on the field too much, which allowed the Colts long drives into field goal range. Had the Ravens converted more third down plays, Matt Stover could have done what Vinetari did. The turnovers were the nails in the coffin. I don't blame the defense. 15 points is certainly acceptable. In addition, they had 2 interceptions. If you can't score more than 15 points, you don't deserve to go on.

    They had 2 full weeks to prepare an acceptable game plan? What did they do all day in Owings Mills?

    I watched most of the Saints-Eagles game. You always felt that both teams were in the game. Both offenses had no problem going up and down the field. Watching Ravens games earlier this year were like that. The way they played yesterday, I felt I was watching a game from last year when we were 6-10. I feel so bummed out. It will be a long time before I get over this. And please, don't tell me to get over it. I don't feel like it. Not today, anyway.

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    Re: Some thoughts on the game and the future...

    A conservative game plan would have been running between the tackles, which I was surprised we didn't do more.

    I can't understand how last night's game plan was "too conservative," or "vanilla" in the words of former head coach and quarterback Mike Preston (what? you mean he wasn't?). I'm no expert, but I would have expected more pounding between the tackles, which is more conservative then what we did.

    Judging by Todd Heap's comments about the interception at the goal line, something like "we were trying to get it in front of their linebackers," I would guess the game plan had to do with getting favorable matchups underneath. Who knows, it might have worked, but for poor execution, bad calls by the refs, and quirky bounces. And oh yeah, 4 turnovers.

    We went 13-3 and won the division easily, after going 6 - 10 last year.

    I look forward to hearing all you people who want Billick to be fired on the radio shows for the entire off season.

    His definitions and arguments were so clear in his own mind that he was unable to understand how any reasonable person could honestly differ with him.

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    Wink Re: Some thoughts on the game and the future...

    If we are somehow able to retain Thomas - and that should include bringing down the hammer of tagging him - a top five Defense is likely, another #1 defense is possible. A repeat defensive performance can carry the team into contention, just as it did this season, regardless of offensive mediocrity (17th ranked).

    Quote Originally Posted by LBoogy View Post
    I think McNair played like dogshit, and I don't think he should start after next season. Hell, give Boller another shot. Atleast he can throw harder than a 12 year old girl. Make it an open competition. McNair is looking washed up.
    And, dammit!!! I really wanted to be wrong about the whole McNair business. :( That Colt passing defense that he couldn't figure out was weak.

    Since we're stuck with him next season, let's hope that there is a training camp competition, and that McNair can be used in relief next season, when in a role where he'd be well-rested, similar to Randall Cunninham in the twilight of his career in Baltimore. I'd also like to see Olson move onto the roster to see if he can push Boller in 2008.

    There won't be major changes in the Offense. Maybe a new RB. The younger OL & WRs we saw this season will hopefully return. I was also disappointed to not see Darling all season; I'm hoping that he can start moving up the chain to replace Mason, who is also looking close to the end of his career.
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    Re: Some thoughts on the game and the future...

    my only bash is we had 2 weeks to prepare a offensive game plan, 1 week for the Colts, (remember the scheme the 1st game after firing Fassel? the Bengals home game) a game plan similiar to that would have been nice, playing not to lose, normally does just that, loses you the game....

    I'm not bashing Billick, just wondering a tad bit.
    "Is it me or does Billick seem a bit in his Post game Interviews? or is it he's just :insane: and doesn't know what to do?"

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    Re: Some thoughts on the game and the future...

    Quote Originally Posted by Raven Nurse View Post
    Wrong....Billick calling a passing play at the goaline on the worst run D in NFL history....his fault!

    Screw this game...since Billick came to town our O has been terrible! thanks god for our D coord's Ryan/ Nolan/ Lewis....if not Billick would be jobless by now! To many penalties....poor focus!!! Again his fault.
    Gimme a break.

    Billick called a run play on 1st and goal and what happened? The Colts D line blew up the play and Jamal lost 3 yards.

    So you want Billick to run again huh? And what happens if Jamal gets stuffed for no gain or a loss again? You would be screaming about running up the middle twice and the conservative play calling.

    Start placing the blame where it belongs. With the poor execution of the players.


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    Re: Some thoughts on the game and the future...

    hmmm... Billick earnid his job back the saecond half of the season and then put an dexclamation point on the need for an Offensive Coordinator during our lone playoff game. Playcalling was weak, but not the cause for hte loss. That would be execution. We did not look sharp, and Indy very much so did, expecially with Bob Sanders back in the fold.

    So since looking forward at this point is more fun...Billick should get a nice hefty 5 or so year extension. He flat out keeps a competitive team on the field. Baltimore Ravens football is here to stay. I want to continue to see punch you in the mouth, stop you and run the clock out football, btu there does need to be a more creative offense. I'd liek to see mroe rollouts, and shovel passes, and play action and screens, and in general look a little more open and exciting like the Saints, last year,s Chiefs, etc... I hear Joe Gibbs and Al Saunders don't get along well. Isn't Frank Gansz from the same KC coaching family??

    MAC is mostly spent I agree with you there. Not much left in that tank, next year he will still be a suitable yet unspectacular starter and thereon further be an amazing tutor/ mentor/ back- up, if necessary and desired. I say get for a mobile, athletic QB in the Troy Smith, Grew Stanton, Jared Zabranski mold Have an open 3 way competuition for starter for the new coordinator with the likelyhood of keeping three QB's on the roster as the rook' would need some tiem to adjust. I see the possibility where Boller wins, if for no other reason but to see what you got. We now know what we have in McNair, a solid, savvy but aging Vet who's arms and legs are both fading, and unfortunately so is his decision making.

    Jamal, ran his heart out, but unfortunately, it was too little to late. Thed shelf life on RB's is short, and I now could see it coming back to haunt us, but good bye. Keep MA arouynd, he is signed, with low miles, but good experience and cheap. Solid pro, did all that was asked of him this year. He may even take a slightly larger role next year. Musa, sorry buddy, but time to cut ties with you too. You show promis but you jsut cannot stay healthy. I really like Michael Bush in the first rd, but even better would be to sigtn Michael "The Burner" Turner. Re-sign Ovie.

    As for the entire receiving core, leave it alone. Cut Moore, retain everyone else, no need to look at all in the draft or free agency.

    On the Oline, I like what the young guys bring to the table. I;m ok with cutting ties with Pashos as long as JO does not retire. While he may be better the Terry right now at RT, he will never be more then average and will earn a bigtime check from someone else, too much to pay. If JO retires, keep him, so Terry can slide left. Cut Vincent and let Flynn and Mule battle to see hwo starts and where with Brown and Chester on the interior. We need to draft a big right side Bulldozer. RG if JO stays, RT if he goes. Any Free Agents?

    Special teams are straight once Sams comes back, ditch Cory Ross and try and grab someone else like that. How about Garret Wolfe from Northern Illinois?

    We have been active in Free agency the last couple of years, while allowing our homegrowns to leave for big paydays. We cannot afford to be active any longer. Expect no big imports this year. Also AD is a Free agent.
    I have a plan to save him... Trade T sizzle. What? trade the young guy to retain the older guy for another playoff run? No, retain the irreplacable guy and replace the other one. Suggs improved greatly against the run this year, btu he is still more replaceable then AD. We can't keep them both, so why not keep AD. Draft some help, as this leaves us thin behind the Pryce monster at DE. Get either Cody or JJ to add some bulk to start. Otherwise the front seven is set.

    In the secondary, Rolle is an obvious weakness, but one we must stick with. We do not have the cap space to part ways. The second corner will always look liek a weak link in Baltimore as long as we have CMAC, guys its actually a positive thing that Rolle is our defensive weakness. First off, it shows the strides take by Dawan Landry who fro a 5th rd pick made everyone say Will who? oh yeah last year's liability after beign a 4 year starter. Great find Ozzie.

    It's a tough offseason where we will see the team mostly sit tight, and hopefully not recede too much. It is an important draft as it will help bridge the gap with the impending retirements. After Next year's Super Bowl victory I think we will see Stover, McNair, Ogden and Ray Lewis, possibly Rolle and Mason, all retire together. If we can keep a veteran core of Reed, Heap, AD, Scott, Cmac, Clayton all together we could never miss a beat. I think this is a team built to win this year, next and in the future, so while we may have lost which is depressing, we have a lot to be thankful for as Ravens fans.

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    Re: Some thoughts on the game and the future...

    McNair was terrible yesterday. I am in serious mourning like everyone else. Colts defense played well but McNair had no groove and Billick looked like he had no gameplan. The defense didn't pick up McNair after his interception at the 1 and instead allowed the Colts to drive down the field. The defense then allowed the Colts to take the last 7 minutes off the clock to clinch the game. It was a team meltdown at various levels, led by McNair and Billick.

    The fact is, though, that those two got us to that point with a Top 10 offense over the last 10 weeks of the season. They beat the Bengals and embarrassed the Steelers twice. We had a lot of good moments this season with McNair behind center.

    When it mattered most, though, Billick and McNair pooped their pants. And right now, it stinks for all of us.

    That doesn't mean our coach and quarterback need to be replaced. It means we need to gear up for what promises to be a tough schedule next season.

    We didn't deserve to win, and then couldn't find a miracle. It hurts and the stench of unfulfilled promise makes me sick.

    Meanwhile, the Bears just won on an overtime field goal and my purple heart is in pain again as I watch another home team win - I am jealous of their celebration.

    We will be back.

    (and for you Colts trolls, you are the king of playoff losers and not just unfulfilled promise, but of unrealized expectations, so give it a rest)

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    Re: Some thoughts on the game and the future...

    "It is better to have run and lost then to have never run at all."

    On our first possession of the second half, down by only 9, Billick decides to go pass crazy instead of continuing to establish the running game that showed promise in the first half. Pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, punt. Not only was it not necessary to pass on every down, not running even occasionally takes away the play-action pass. The Ravens only ran the ball six more times the entire game.

    As I sit here and watch, albeit sparingly and painfully, the other playoff games I'm at a loss to understand exactly why our coach is the only one that doesn't understand the importance of the running game in playoff football. What makes it even worse is that it appears that Billick gave the Colts defense far too much credit for their victory in Kansas City, in which they stopped Larry Johnson. What other reason could there be for not continuing to run at them?

    Despite the performances of the players on the field, the fatal flaw of our team was in preparation and planning - that goes directly to the coaching staff. To me, Billick's refusal to stick with the running game when the outcome of the game could have went either way equates to a 'choke' of colossal proportions, and as someone else in this forum said, is inexcusable and unforgivable.

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    Re: Some thoughts on the game and the future...

    Any time the offense turns the ball over 4 times the game plan will look bad.

    Watching these other playoff games I'm reminded some quarterbacks can throw a deep ball, and some quarterbacks can gun a short to medium pass into a tight spot.

    We don't have that quarterback.

    Blame the head coach if you have to, hopefully Ozzie and Steve have their heads on straight & make a *fair* assessment of BB's performance as a head coach, and not have some knee jerk reaction to a game in which the offense did not execute, by which I mean, ***hold onto the damned ball***.

    His definitions and arguments were so clear in his own mind that he was unable to understand how any reasonable person could honestly differ with him.


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