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    Quote Originally Posted by TRAP View Post
    Cant you read, I was drafted.

    At least I showed up.

    You must still have grenade fragments in the brain cause you're brain dead.

    You're a grouchy old man.
    Wait a minute. TRAP, don't you work for the military aboard a military installation?

    That's as patriotic as serving in the armed forces, IMHO. Not everyone is actually qualified to serve in the military, so that shouldn't be seen as dishonorable in any way, shape, or form.

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    Quote Originally Posted by POPSinPA View Post
    Gee Trap, you should go easy on the Boss. After all you and him have a lot in common. You both avoided the draft in similar manor.
    Ill tell you how I avoided the draft. I turned 18 in 1972. I did not register. After 6 months, I got a letter with an appointment time to explain why I did not register. It was 2 or 3 months away. In the meantime the war ended, and the draft was abolished.. Never had my appointment. Never heard another word. I guess the timing was just right. I'd do it again... unless there was a REAL war on. Many people revile those who avoided serving during the VeetNam war. They Compare them to traitors, referring to WWII, as if they were comparable. That's a farce. VEET Nam was just another in the long list of farcical blunders made by our government, and to be upset at those who refused to be a part of senseless killing of our boys, and wasting our natural resources, is just WRONG!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRAP View Post
    52 - You're right. I supported the troops for 25 years at APG.

    Most vets appreciate that and the fact that I didnt run and showed up when I was drafted.

    I was in College Park when PoPs went over.

    Back then, the guys who couldnt get into college ended up in the jungle, which is why he was over there while I was over here.

    Case in point is my next door neighbor who was the smallest kid in the hood. He flunked out of hi school and went over and was there during the TeT Offensive. He was stationed in Saigon which was just as dangerous as the jungle. He said you never knew when some dude would ride by on a scooter and throw a grenade at you.

    I got into college right out of hi school and was accepted by May and took courses in the summer and had advanced credits before the rest of the class got there.

    During the Iraqi War, my agency had a unit in Bagdad before the rest of the Army got there. They were testing the drinking water to ensure its safety for the troops.

    The Iraqi Army never knew they were in the neighborhood.

    They needed a report from a survey my agency published decades before to complete their survey.

    It took about 2 hours to find it siphing through millions of old reports in a dirty warehouse. Then I automated it and emailed it within minutes.

    That was my contribution to the war effort as a civilian. They couldnt do their job over there until I did mine here. Thats how I helped you.

    Thanks for the appreciation.

    And you can rub it in PoPs nose because you served longer in the combat zone and have more combat badges. You were chasing the bad guys in the desert and in house to house fighting in Bagdad. There was no draft, yet you still served admirably.

    Too bad PoPs isnt like you. For nearly a decade he's been sticking his nose up at guys that didnt go.
    I am lucky to be serving in an era where the American public supports the troops as well as you guys do.

    I would never look down on anyone for not joining the armed forces-- It is a lifestyle that takes a lot of getting used to and requires lots of sacrifice and a certain level of physical and mental stamina and discipline.

    I know each person has their own circumstances to consider before deciding whether or not to join and I since I hadn't even been born when Nam ended, I can't really guess what the personal or social variables were at the time for any of you elderstatesmen.

    Rest assured, my platoon and all my fellow Marines appreciate everything you do to support us.

    Semper Fidelis

    Oh yeah, and without the veterans who came before us, we would be nothing. Thank you for serving. We can never fully repay you for your efforts.


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