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What does Billick do....he makes NO attempt to score. I wouldn't want to play for a coach like that.
Once again, the key point being made is TRYING. No one is criticizing Billick JUST FOR THE LOSS ALONE. Losing happens, and most people, painful as it is, can accept that. It's the WAY we lost -- examples already noted abundantly in this thread and others -- that are being hurled back at BB, because that's where they came from. A perfect example being NOT trying to get at least a FG before the half, coupled with the fact that this is NOT the first time BB has done this -- IT'S PART OF HIS PHILOSOPHY, and while in the past Billick supporters said: "Well, but we WON THE GAME ANYWAY, DIDN'T WE? ENJOY THAT, AND STOP CRITICIZING BB", this time WE DIDN'T WIN, and his bonehead ineptitude at basic clock management skills, and inability to know when to TURN IT ON AND GO FOR IT is nauseating. And even MORE nauseating are the attempts to try to justify what he did.

He CRIPPLES our offense, and, looking back, he's ALWAYS done that. And that's why I've voiced my opinion that he needs to go. I wholeheartedly agree with FM that we will NOT win another SB with BB at the reigns of the offense. He has his shot to give full control of the offense over to RN -- without conditions -- and his control freak nature wouldn't allow it. I have the same feeling in the pit of my stomach now that I did after the first "three and out" series in the Indy game. ALOT of energy will be invested over the course of the next 7 months by a LOT of Ravens fans, only to be Billickballed/shot down in flames once again.