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    Ravens Tickets

    I have 2 extra tickets to the game this weekend and might be getting 2 more. For now I just have 2 though. They are next to each other in section 133 row c (seats 15 & 16). I'd like to unload these tickets to Ravens fans (NOT STEELERS FANS)...I'm going to the game myself so I'll be in Pittsburgh Saturday around noon up through Monday so I can deliver the tickets in person. Tickets like these are going for around $500 each on the stubhub etc sites...I got them for free so I can unload them for cheaper so if you are interested please make me an offer.

    Go Ravens!


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    Re: Ravens Tickets

    Nestor has tickets as well at WNST. He has 50 seats for $200 each. Contact him via WNST for more information. These are just for the tickets and do not include his pre-game tailgating party or transportation to Pissburgh.

    No, I don't work for Nestor or the station but I saw his post on Facebook.
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    Re: Ravens Tickets

    I sold the tickets I listed above but I have 2 more tickets and they are even better seats! Section 111, Row G, Seats 3 & 4. These are close to the 50 yard line!!!

    Again I'd like to sell to Ravens fans and will be in Pittsburgh by tomorrow at noon so I can hand them to you in person. $400 each or best offer.


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