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    This is the last safe haven...

    To actually talk about football without 18 Stealer trolls destroying the conversation and jamming the board with their nonsense.They have singlehandedly ruined pretty much every place on the internets to talk about the Ravens.....except here.

    I would like to thank the academy,the moderators,Tony and the fans for not allowing that trash to pollute this board this week.Hell I didnt think that many toothless inbreds even knew what a computer was,obviously I was wrong.

    If I was a Stealer fan I would truly be embarassed to have all these childish kids who probably never even have set foot in Pittsburgh,making my fans look like the most classless,retarded scum that has ever roamed the earth.

    So thanks again 24x7,I think i will be here a LOT more often in the future.

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    Re: This is the last safe haven...

    Yes Sir. Gotta love this site.

    You also gotta love #52 - Ray Lewis. Everything I've heard this week is about the Steelers. Fine. We got this man. And I feel good. - GREAT interview with Warren Sapp and a wonderful piece on Mr. Brigance at the end. Very moving! God Bless him and the Ravens this weekend!

    Let's hunt!

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    Re: This is the last safe haven...

    This site is the best. I have visited alot of other sites and there is no other site that compares to this one. Every single member is very knowledgeable about the Ravens and football in general.
    Want some... come and get some!

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    Re: This is the last safe haven...

    I am so thankful he is a Raven and a part of our community period and god bless OJ and his family


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