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    Re: SI cover this week

    Quote Originally Posted by ravenjoe View Post
    Yea, if the Ravens finally are good enough to actually win a game against these guys - they've lost the last 3 out of 4 contests - then we should make the cover on our way to Tampa, which is all that matters anyway. If not, they'll become couch potatoes just like the rest of us and watch the game within the comfort and safety of their cozy little lounge chairs.
    I doubt I will watch the Super Bowl if the Ravens lose this week. Too much aggrivation watching the Refs give Shittsburgh another undeserved ring.
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    Re: SI cover this week

    Got my 3rd renewal request today in the mail for S.I. I was on the fence. Guess which side I landed? While your guessing I have to take out the trash!

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    Re: SI cover this week

    It's regional, Cards are on the cover too.


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