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    Walker, Rolle, Ivy, And Suggs

    If the Ravens have to go with Walker (and Ivy) at the corner position, and with Sizzle hurting (diminished pass rush), it potentially could get ugly out there. Ben is one of the best big game QBs out there, and he is liable to slice and dice our secondary, if either Walker (and/or Ivy) is in there. Walker's propensity for getting flagged is also a big concern. In the second game, our corners both played a great game; however, in the second game both Rolle and Washington were healthy.
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    Re: Walker, Rolle, Ivy, And Suggs

    Walker has gotten better as the year went on, and has broken up some good passes. But he also has a propensity for giving up a big play very easily. He doesn't worry me as bad as he did in the preseason, but I'm still a little concerned.

    I don't want to see Ivy out there at corner. He's fine as a dime or nickel back, but when he actually has to cover someone? Erf.

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    Re: Walker, Rolle, Ivy, And Suggs

    Walker has seem to have gotten better over the year, but he seems to be talking alot more and I am afraid his mouth will cost us some yards or the a big play. Ivy is a nickle/dime and that is all, but I will say he is not afraid to hit someone.
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    Re: Walker, Rolle, Ivy, And Suggs

    I will give Ivy some in the run game, he will come up and make a hit. I don't question his heart or motor. But his talent level is not even at Frank Walker's level, and that's why he's an extra DB.

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    Re: Walker, Rolle, Ivy, And Suggs

    Fabian Washington will play along with Walker at the #2 at worst. My worry is Ivy covering Hines Ward in the slot, but he can get Leonards help.


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