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    Re: Best place to watch AFC Championship

    Best place? Pittsburgh, in person.

    Where else could you find 50,000 glum Steeler fans?

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  2. Re: Best place to watch AFC Championship

    I have an HD Epson projector, 92" screen, surround sound and a fridge stocked with Clipper City.

    Not going anywhere all day long.

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    Re: Best place to watch AFC Championship

    Ever since the Wild Card game this season, I've been going to Damon's Grill in Perry Hall with a buddy of mine. It gets filled with Ravens fans and even the staff gets into it, that place really gets rockin' come game time. :happyanim
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    Re: Best place to watch AFC Championship

    Trap - You're talking about the FREE halftime buffet at the Tower. Yes you're only allowed a tiny plate, but you can stack as much as you can on it. BTW, the food you pay for is good there - good burgers and wings.

    Anyway, I don't go there for the food, I go there for the game and the people! The FREE halftime buffet is just icing on the cake.
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    Re: Best place to watch AFC Championship

    We are having a house party in Catonsville. We have the HD flat screen, we have a decent sized space, We have a fine assortment of beer and I love to cook.

    We went out to watch the game last week. The party atmosphere was great, but having to stand up the whole time and not being able to hear anything was not so good.

    If any of you wants to join us, just send me a private message and I will get back to you with the details.


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