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    Please!!!! No purple towels. After seeing the Charger fans with towels I am afraid that Raven fans will start waving purple towels. I hope we never follow the tards in Pittsburgh. Start something new if you must. Same goes for the D-Fence signs. What's next, the Wave??

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    Re: Towel

    The only towels that we'll ever have to worry about here in Baltimore are the piss rags. We hate the Steelers too much to ever do anything that could be considered copying them.

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    Re: Towel

    I agree

    I have seen more and more purple towels being waved around and I think we should get our own thing
    :D ;) :D

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    Re: Towel

    Guys, Here is the problem. We have thought about every thing that could be used in a stadium and the security has made it hard to get anything else working. I say the best thing is our VOICES!! I would like M&T to work on a new stronger seat back that puts out more noise when drummed on. That would add tons of added new noise to M&T when needed and would be better then a towel for sure.

    I agree the towels suck and the only ones I have are from the hand outs over the years.

    Lets think out ideas and if it works we can get them out!

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    Re: Towel


    I have my purple "The Original Pittsburgh Succks" towel hanging in my cubicle at work. Can you make an exception for that?
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    Wink Re: Towel

    Quote Originally Posted by FireDog View Post
    Please!!!! No purple towels. After seeing the Charger fans with towels I am afraid that Raven fans will start waving purple towels. I hope we never follow the tards in Pittsburgh.

    Dolphins and Titans fans were also provided free rags. I thought that it looked ridiculous.

    The Ravens have handed out white rags in past seasons. I refuse to do anything with them except wipe the sweat off the forehead. Rag waving back at the inbreds is just silly.

    Rather than seeing purple towels, I would rather see the stadium ban all of them. Or at least ban the twirling of them. Inbreds twirling the towels are only doing it to taunt us. Yakking with a Titans club seat holder a few days ago, he told me that he and others called in security every time that the yellow rags were spun in the nearby seats. Inbreds were provided a one-time warning, then subsequently ejected when they twirled them again. I would like to see similar tactics displayed by SAFE guards in our stadium.

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    Re: Towel

    Just one more reason to love Nashville! I love it.
    Sick and tired of transplants. If Pissburgh is so great, carry your black-lung asses back there.

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    Re: Towel

    I am always amazed at how much stupid people like bright colored spinning things.
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    Re: Towel

    I could care less about the towels, but it is kind of annoying to snatch them from Stooler fans and throw them off the upper deck.

    Really takes away from my ability to enjoy the game.

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    Re: Towel

    If you happened to get hit in the face with one while a Steelers fan is twirling could always get them thrown out for assault.
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