I just booked my tickets via Southwest to Orlando: Saturday arrival, Tuesday departure = $108 round trip. Orlando is an hour or so from the Tampa stadium. There are still seats available. Rental care $105 for the extended weekend. FYI: no change fees with Southwest, and money from cancelled trips can be reapplied within a year at no cost. So this was a no-brainer.

The Southwest best fare for Tampa was $345, Friday-Tuesday. Friday-Monday best fare was $433. I don't know if any of these fares will be available after Sunday (typically two week advance booking). The standard fare to Tampa is $580 r/t.

Per Orbitz, Northwest, Delta, and Continental all offer similar Orlando fares, but no non-stops. Air Tran non-stop is $150. For Tampa, the fares are in the same range as Southwest, with Air Tran non-stops at $460 . All these other airlines invoke ticket change fees of $100 or so - I don't know how long they will allow you to reapply the funds.

Punch line, some friendly advice: if you will fly again within a year and are remotely considering going to Tampa, jump on the $108 Orlando flights soon. You risk nothing, and can save hundreds. Moreover, if you wait too long, you may get skunked -- particularly if the Ravens wind up playing Philly.