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    Re: What are realistic season stats for McNair?

    Take Boller's and Wright's stats from last year as our baseline...
    335 completions, 562 attempts, 3381 yards, 59.6 completion percentage, 17 TDs, 21 INT, 71.3 rating

    I'm thinking with our two "workhorse" backs and Musa Smith, attempts will go down to about 500 (we had 465 in 2004, McNair threw 476 last season in 14 games). McNair is perfecting the dink and dunk passing game and he's more accurate, so expect completion percentage to go up to at least 61 percent.

    So now, we've got 500 attempts, 305 completions. I'd expect McNair to average about 215 yards per game, so we'll put his yardage at 3440.

    Now, INT and TDs. INTs will drop significantly, because McNair throws it away rather than making the dumb throw. I think TDs will go up from last year, but not by much. So, making a guestimate, I'll say 19 TDs, 15 INT.

    So, doing pure guestimating, I'm going with...

    305 completions, 500 attempts, 3440 yards, 61 percent completions, 19 TDs, 15 INTs. That gives us an 81.7 QB rating.

    That's assuming he plays in all 16 games of course.
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    Re: What are realistic season stats for McNair?

    Great post RS...I hope you are right.

    And thanks for the 411 on Bert Jones. I have always heard he was over-rated and never had any touch on his passes.



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