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  1. Re: What if Irsay made a deal with Baltimore?

    "Why should Irsay give anything to Baltimore? He owns the team and it's colors. The history goes along with that. If you're so rich on history, why is Ernest Byner in the Raven ring of fame?"

    Who the hell let in this trash?

    First off, it's called the "Ring of Honor".
    No shocker here that you wouldn't know that as any Indy Colt fan with your apparent point of view on this situation certainly doesn't know jack shit about honor.

    Most here will agree, he really doesn't belong up on the ring of honor, but he at least actually played a fucking down of football on the field of a baltimore NFL stadium.
    Will Die A Ravens Fan!!

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    Re: What if Irsay made a deal with Baltimore?

    Fawn Lebowitz???

    Great handle dude
    -"You are about to enter a world of pain."


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