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    Ravens coverage on... WYPR?!?

    Our local public radio is doing some stories, thought some of you might be interested.

    This is a great one on Mughelli:

    Just a short rundown on Ripken and the upcoming game converging:

    And this one was aired on the national morning show, Morning Edition:

    Actual user comment from a yahoo sports article:

    On this given sunday you will witnesses why we'll called steeler nation!!!

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    Re: Ravens coverage on... WYPR?!?

    They had a good one on Newsome yesterday.
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    Re: Ravens coverage on... WYPR?!?

    On NPR? Do they know what football is? Wow

    My youngest son Kyle w/ Michael Phelps after the Browms game 12/24/11

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    Re: Ravens coverage on... WYPR?!?

    When I lived in CT back in June 1994, I was channel surfing and ran into WNET, the NYC public TV station, doing their Week in Review roundtable show. Towards the end of their show, the host said "And in sports ..."

    [ During this .3 second pause, I was somewhat taken aback. The Rangers had just won their first Stanley Cup since 1940, and Pat Riley and the Kincks had just lost a Eastern Conference Championship to Jordan and the Bulls. Nevertheless, could WNET deign to discuss such plebian issues? ]

    "... the Gay Games are coming to New York this week. What does everybody think about this?"

    You always gotta respect someone who remains true to their values.

    Just had a thought - anyone want to call in during the Marc Steiner show and claim that George W. Bush is a Peyton Manning fan? I'd like to see the reaction.



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