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    If Rex Ryan leaves.....

    would Rob Ryan be the obvious choice to replace him? Who would be the candidates? I am not sure Rob is as aggressive as Rex, but i dont think he has the talent that Rex has....

    What do you think gentlemen?

    BTW, flew into PBI last night with about 50% of my plane going to the game on Sunday. My guess is we will eclipse the approx 10k for the week 7 Miami game.

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    Re: If Rex Ryan leaves.....

    I doubt Rob Ryan will be the coach if Rex leaves. I also doubt anyone would want Rex Ryan as their head coach. Injuries last year showed how much of the Ravens success is personnel vs. coaching/scheme.

    Like Cameron, Rex isn't head coach material.

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    Re: If Rex Ryan leaves.....

    Hate to burst ur bubble but Rex will land a HC even if people don't think he's HC material around here. He's been passed over before but I think this is the year he gets a HC job.

    As for Rob Ryan...I don't see a fit. Just because of his last name I don't see it. It would go to either an ex-Raven coach like say Nolan (even though Ray doesn't like him), or perhaps Del Rio or Marvin if they lose their HC jobs. If not maybe a current Ravens coach or someone Harbaugh has worked with before.
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    Re: If Rex Ryan leaves.....

    The Ravens philosophy has usually been to promote from within. Maybe Clarence Brooks or Dennis Thurman.

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    Re: If Rex Ryan leaves.....

    Why would it burst my bubble? They can find anyone to replace Rex just like they did Marvin and Nolan.

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    Re: If Rex Ryan leaves.....

    ilike the idea of Nolan

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    Re: If Rex Ryan leaves.....

    Clarence Brooks.

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    Re: If Rex Ryan leaves.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Raven Nurse View Post
    The real question is would he stay if Bischotti unloaded the Brinks truck at his doorstep. It would be worth overpaying to keep him!!
    Steve Bisciotti <> Jerry Jones

    Very, very few owners are willing to do that, and frankly I don't ever think it's worth that.

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    Re: If Rex Ryan leaves.....

    The one consolation I can fall back on is the FO ability to find gems.
    The only new coach that came in with a super resume was Cam (and someone like Martz probably would have bombed here).

    Other coaches I had to learn about after the fact. Matsko? Hue? I did know the name Wilbert Montgomery but nothing about coaching potential.

    So I can think about names I know like Nolan or Marvin, but somehow I suspect we will have a name that we will be scrambling to figure out what that means. If it comes from within, at least we'll be expecting something similar to what we've been seeing.
    Feel also that Brooks is a front-runner, but with Steve's track record, I'm sure we will hear names being brought in for interviews that we will wonder "where did they come from".
    Hoping Rex stays, but also wish that he gets his chance with a decent franchise if that is what he really wants.

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    Re: If Rex Ryan leaves.....

    If Rex leaves,look for Greg Mattison to replace him as the DC. I believe he was the DC at the Univ. of Florida . He would be a good fit.

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    Re: If Rex Ryan leaves.....

    whats up everyone. i am new to this board, but i have posted on other Ravens boards many times. i am a frequent poster on cbs' message boards as bmore20. i wanted to be a part of a board that didn't allow fans of other teams come over and criticize conversations among Ravens fans. so here i am....

    i don't really see Rex leaving either. he is the highest paid Coordinator and carries the Assistant Head Coach title. the only job i really see him being interested in is Denver. i would think he wants to be somewhere with a good offense. and i think Denver has a few players on defense that Rex needs.

    but if he does go, i want to see Chuck Pagano the secondary coach or Clarence Brooks the d line coach. Pagano was at the University of Miami as the DC when Reed and Sean Taylor were there. he has a great mind for football, and he has done a remarkable job with all the injuries.

    i really wouldn't want to see Mike Nolan back. he is a good coach, but he ran a very vanilla defense. he NEVER blitzed. thats something our d is built on. same thing goes for Marvin Lewis. both of those guys have big egos attached to them, so i think we would do better to promote from within.

    One coach that we cant let go of is Hue Jackson. he has already been mentioned for the 49ers OC. we need to keep him around as a successor to Cam.

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    Re: If Rex Ryan leaves.....

    Donnie Henderson still out there?
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