Who thought there was this kind of money in American Soccer lol

From ESPN: http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/st...399538&cc=5901

David Beckham will be earning 500 times more each week than most of his team-mates at Los Angeles Galaxy next season after agreeing the richest deal in world sport.

The former England captain has signed a five-year contract with the club and Major League Soccer (MLS) worth an astonishing 128million ($250 million). He will leave Real Madrid at the end of this season and join the Galaxy in August.

News of the mega-deal has already led to a backlash from other pros in the States, including his fellow former Manchester United trainee and team-mate Terry Cooke.
Under MLS rules, each side is allowed one star player who does not come under the salary cap - but the budget for the rest of the squad is limited to around 1million, or 50,000 per player per season.

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