The vast majority of criminals in the United States carry illegal firearms. Whether we're talking about street gangs, drug runners, or the Mafia, none of these criminals use registered weapons. Outlawing the possession of firearms would hurt no one but law-abiding citizens.
True, as I stated in posts after the one you quoted.

The right to bear arms is an extension of the right to go on living. We protect ourselves from that great infringer of human liberty called the government [...] It's the nature of government to accumulate power. It looks after its own interests and no one else's.
Government being a great infringer on human liberty and a self serving institution is a unnuanced statement. Sure, government can be an infringer on liberty, as seen on many occasions throughout history. But government is also the lone protector of human liberty. Since without any form of government violence would rule, as violence or force is the ultimate mean of power and power is what regulates society. E.g. pre-state civilizations and collapsed modern states.

Government is formed to ensure human liberty, but is also can also be an instrument to opress. The institution for balance between security and freedom.