Boldin is not on the block. The Cards are cheap but not stupid. The other 2 are not worth what it would take to get them in the first place. LJ could come in for a Willy Anderson type deal, but no where near feature back money. I would dump Willis for him if I could but that does not seem to make finacial sense.
I also doubt the Boys would dump Roy Williams after what they jus dished out to get him. T.O. is much more likley to hit the street, and I doubt that.

The Ravens could use a big WR, but I would rather develop the guys we have and draft a guy. Maybe a low level free agent like a guy I wanted last year Bryant Johnson who played in AZ and went to SF for near minimum money.

I would actually rather see the Ravens get a big time CB than WR in the off season. I think all the O needs is time to become one of the best in the NFL.