Because I'm NOT an adult? Give me a break. Have you ever thought that I might believe certain things because I have actually thought about them? Or maybe just because I don't agree with you I'm acting like a child. You're telling me I want to be treated like an this case, yes, I do, I want to have a discussion based on opinions and arguments, not on accusations. But hey, perhaps you're never actually wrong, right?

And how the hell do you know how that girl's mind works? You're doing an incredible amount of mind-reading here, huh? What if SHE manipulated the old man because she was desperate for a quick 20? What if she *gasp* didn't have a problem with what she did after think about it? You say that it's morally reprehensible to manipulate a young person, well guess what, it's also morally reprehensible to judge people like that