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Thread: Playoffs!!!

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    Re: Playoffs!!!

    What a season and what a team effort. The new coaching staff and the next man up philosophy has really worked wonders for us. Bring on the Fishies in Miami next Sunday!

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    Re: Playoffs!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Losac View Post
    People around work called me a crazy homer, but I said 9-7 or 10-6 before the season. I still find it funny how people see teams turn around in 1 season in the NFL all the time, but people still put so much stock in last year's finish
    Yup, nearly every preseason prediction is based off last years results. In the NFL you can't do that. I was talking to my friend before the season started and told him every year there are 3 or 4 teams that are a lot worse than people expect (Dallas, Cleveland, Jax, GB) and 3 or 4 teams who are a lot better than people expect (us, Dolphins, Titans, Falcons). I told him I could see the Ravens being one of the better teams because of all the injuries not to mention how many games we lost by 3 points. We weren't as bad as our record, everything went against us last year essentially.

    This is the beauty of the NFL. In the preseason, no matter what, you always feel like if your team catches lightning in a bottle, a few things happen, you could make a Super Bowl run.

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    Re: Playoffs!!!

    In an article (just prior to the season) where DeCosta was talking about taking Cam Cameron to Delaware to watch Flacco play(practice, or whatever) and Cam said... "Now I Know why I'm here..." I read those words and got a chill......a premonition?, maybe?... I just didn't fathom then what could happen this year... but I knew we were on to something!!!!


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