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You are worse off than me, but I also have a social pickle. My wife has an important office-social Christmas Party to attend, starting 7 pm tomorrow. When informed of this, I told here that her hosts were totally inconsiderate Redskins fans, and that I would adhere to my long-standing policy of watching the Ravens game live, at 8pm. Moreover, I do not want to miss the pregame shows, so I told her that she was on her own at this party.

She "suggested" that I set the DVR to record both, don't catch the final score, and watch it from the beginning when we got home at 10ish. No fuckin' way!!!! I "compromised" - I'll DVR the pregame stuff from 7pm to 7:45pm, then I will promptly leave - without making a scene to our inconsiderate and oblivious hosts.

But she will have to drive me home because I will be in no shape to drive after calming my nerves all day.
T of it screws up let me know and I'll bring it Sunday Who doesn't like football? I'm having people over to eat Chili and watch football!