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    Re: Anyone know a Raven's fan that wears...

    Now for my on-topic response...

    Just because a fan wearing the opposing team colors enters M&T, that doesn't give us license to harrass them. Yes, its okay to talk football and maybe some smack, but its all good-natured.

    When I went over to the Ravens-Saints game, I was out on that upper terrace at halftime. A Saints fan nearby said quite loudly that he wanted to punch the next Ravens fan he saw right in the face. That Ravens fan was me.

    He turned and saw me (the Ravens were kicking the shit out of the Saints at that point) and said something about how the Ravens were pounding them, I pointed out that their offense was quite explosive (Bush, Colston et. al.) and could come back at any time. The guy responded with "Damn, you Ravens fans are so f*cking polite!" We shook hands and wished each other's teams success.
    I talked football with many other Saints fans that day, and all were genuinely happy we visited. Even on Bourbon Street that night after the win, they thanked me for coming. For me, it was a 5-hour drive, but for the Roost I was with, they had to fly down. Heck, they probably spent less than I did.
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    Re: Anyone know a Raven's fan that wears...

    The latest PM from RavenNurse and my response ....

    Quote Originally Posted by RavenNurse
    Just coming to the next game
    EDIT: Took out my response ... not important and gave away a little too much info about me.

    Looks like I might have a visitor at my section during the Jags game. I will bring the cookies!
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    Re: Anyone know a Raven's fan that wears...

    This should end well.
    I'm normally not a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me Superman!

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    Re: Anyone know a Raven's fan that wears...

    Quote Originally Posted by xmradiodave View Post
    This should end well.
    Guys this is out of control! It is a f**king board. As you all are typing this crap, we have our troops fighting real battles, the Ravens are in Dallas getting ready for tomorrow and some child is wishing he had food and a clean warm place to sleep.

    Get OVER IT !!! And Both of you GROW the F UP !!

    NOW both get pissed at me if you have to but stop the crap!

    (Someone has to do it)

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    Re: Anyone know a Raven's fan that wears...

    Die thread, die! I think the point of diminshing returns ended a couple of pages ago. Now we're in some sort of twilight zone. Let's pull the plug and move on.

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    Re: Anyone know a Raven's fan that wears...

    What a proud day for this board.


    And could we get an edit on RN's post, please, to remove the personally identifiable information quoted from HR's pm?


    His definitions and arguments were so clear in his own mind that he was unable to understand how any reasonable person could honestly differ with him.

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    Re: Anyone know a Raven's fan that wears...

    So sad. It was such a good thread. We need a "hall of shame" forum, where threads like this can go.
    I'm normally not a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me Superman!


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