UPDATE !!! We had our meeting with David Preller of Preller & Preller in Towson . David said this type of case would cost around $20,000 in fees to file, however he would not expect any payment from the NFL due to the fact it would open the door on all sports officiation. He does believe that the case would prove a major point to the NFL and would force the NFL to make better calls. We would need to raise $20,000 to start the case. Those paying would be named in the suit. The rest of the claims would be part of the Class Action however would only get a smaller payment in the unlikely event of a settlement that involves payment.

We would sue for the total ticket price of all seats in the stadium (around $7 mm)

Who is really in on this idea? Like I said the chances of us seeing a dime is slim to none... But our VOICES will be heard !