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    Re: Class Action Case against NFL !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by ravensfan1996 View Post
    The problem with those calls today are it isnt cut and dry or black/white. The "1st down' did look short....but in the replay you cant see the ball, only the players and the assumption of where the ball is, unfortunately thats not enought to overturn, and call on the field stands, same with the TD, its soooo close that the nose of the ball is touching that "imaginary" line....its a subjective call....I didnt think it went across but it wasnt blatantly obvious it wasnt in.
    We should have executed. But we got hosed on both those calls. And the TD call was overturning the call on the field.

    We got hosed by the officials.

    His definitions and arguments were so clear in his own mind that he was unable to understand how any reasonable person could honestly differ with him.

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    Re: Class Action Case against NFL !!!

    I typically take the "Oh, well... it is what it is" attitude toward suspect calls, but I have watched replay after replay of that phantom TD, and I can NOT see where the ball breaks the plane. Watched it on the jumbo tron, watched it on line in slow motion... can not see it. Fuck it... officiating blew this one. Would it have changed the ultimate outcome of the game? Can't say, but it should have gone to OT.
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    Re: Class Action Case against NFL !!!

    I have been saying this for years.

    It is one thing when an official misses a call, but when it gets reviewed and turns against you twice in one game and once last week, something isn't right.

    I think back to the Cleveland game with the field goal called good on the field, game over, not reviewable, and they get on the phone, go in the booth and reverse it.

    You could start the case with the bullshit expansion bidding, where the two best packages are not taken in lieu of Jacksonville and Carolina.

    Count me the fuck in, or if you just want to storm the main office in New York, I'll burn the fucker down. I really won't burn anything, it just sounded good.

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    Re: Class Action Case against NFL !!!

    ...and people think the Rooney rule was a provision to hire minority coaches? Total bull, reality says the Rooney rule indicates any owner with serious NFL clout gets the benefit of any close call, never was it more apparent than the game yesterday. I'll quote Phil Simms "I don't even think his helmet reached the first down marker".

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    Re: Class Action Case against NFL !!!

    For ball spotting they should have a sensors in each nose of the ball and GPS tracking or whatever to pinpoint the point of the ball.They do it in Tennis,its time to do it in the NFL.

    Old men with fading eyes,trying to look through a wave of flying bodies and mayhem at 100 mph just doesn't cut it anymore.
    Put the smile back on your face.This is a 60 minute ball game.

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    Re: Class Action Case against NFL !!!

    UPDATE !!! We had our meeting with David Preller of Preller & Preller in Towson . David said this type of case would cost around $20,000 in fees to file, however he would not expect any payment from the NFL due to the fact it would open the door on all sports officiation. He does believe that the case would prove a major point to the NFL and would force the NFL to make better calls. We would need to raise $20,000 to start the case. Those paying would be named in the suit. The rest of the claims would be part of the Class Action however would only get a smaller payment in the unlikely event of a settlement that involves payment.

    We would sue for the total ticket price of all seats in the stadium (around $7 mm)

    Who is really in on this idea? Like I said the chances of us seeing a dime is slim to none... But our VOICES will be heard !

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    Re: Class Action Case against NFL !!!

    Who is really in on this idea? Like I said the chances of us seeing a dime is slim to none... But our VOICES will be heard
    This reminds me of a campaign that was put together when I first bought my tickets to the ravens....I think it was called diaper day. I remember scatching my head about that one and I seem to be doing the same thing here
    WOW! I feel so fortunate that the Ravens did what they had to do to make this happen. Thank you. My Heart is with the Raven....My Heart is with Baltimore and its great fans. What can I say. Here We Go!!! --Ray Lewis
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    Re: Class Action Case against NFL !!!

    I'll send y'all ten bucks if it'll help. I don't care about seeing a dime of the money if we actually win, I just want that ref thrown out of the league.
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    Re: Class Action Case against NFL !!!

    It should never have come down to an official making a bullshit overturn based on "evidence" that certainly could not be deemed "irrefutable".

    We let them hang around with lame offensive play, just like we let the Titans hang around, and in the end (both times) the D screwed the pooch.

    We can play with those guys, but we need to finish the deal.

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    Re: Class Action Case against NFL !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by RavenTD View Post
    For ball spotting they should have a sensors in each nose of the ball and GPS tracking or whatever to pinpoint the point of the ball.They do it in Tennis,its time to do it in the NFL.

    Old men with fading eyes,trying to look through a wave of flying bodies and mayhem at 100 mph just doesn't cut it anymore.
    Or hire that math dude from the Greatest Game Ever Played, who proved Gifford didn't have the first down.
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  11. Re: Class Action Case against NFL !!!


    "The quality of refereeing in the NFL has come into question in the past several weeks with some very strange and controversial calls with enormous ramifications. NFL commissioner Goddell has been scrutinizing and fining players for everyday occurances (DUI, etc) to which it is the resposiblity of the law to administer justice. He has done nothing to address the serious questions that have been brought to light by some very strange calls by many refs including Walt Coleman. I have never in my life seen more flags picked up and replays simply gotten wrong every week in almost every game. It has become standard practice for the league to send apology letters to teams when errors are made by the refs, and many of these letters have gone out recently. When do I get my apology letter? When will Goddell clean up the obvious credability problem the NFL is headed for, the appearence of any inpropriety must be addressed now before we have another Donaughy on our hands. To think it happened in the NBA and that was completely isolated is simply being unrealistic. The amount of money being wagered nowadays on sports it requires commissioners like Goddell to do his job and protect the public by keeping his sport free from any possible perception of inpropriety. He seems much more interested in the personal life of the players then he does in making sure his refs are without reproach. I am calling for everyone to cut and paste this letter and send it to NFL headquarters as it is commissioner Goddell's job to make sure these games are being played on a "level playing field", which he has not done and is neglegant in not pursueing these issues. Do your job Goddell, and clean up the obvious appearence of outright bogus refs, Walt Coleman needs to answer some very difficult questions. If you don't ask these questions then you have no right to fine one single player for anything, you are on a pulpit of ethics yet you allow this complete appearence of inpropriety in how games are being called. DO YOUR JOB!"

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  12. Re: Class Action Case against NFL !!!

    rf- You are absolutely right, the technolgy in Tennis has eclipsed that used in the NFL. When was the last time someone walked into a casino to bet on a Tennis match, yet they are extremely careful to get the calls right. What is wrong with the commissioner and his failure to address these issues? Serious questions are coming up every week and the NFL offices must be spending a fortune in postage sending out apology letters. Why we don't have some type of electronic device that clearly can prove whether the ball breaks the plane of the goal line as it calls for in the rules of the game is a complete mystery to me and negligence on the commissioners part.

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    Re: Class Action Case against NFL !!!

    This is pathetic. Why don't you get everyone to start a chant at the next home game? Something like "Better Refs Now! Better Refs Now!". You can do it at the start of the second quarter right after "Put Art In!".

    Why do I even read this board anymore?

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    Re: Class Action Case against NFL !!!

    I will still read, but I agree with Losac 100%.

    Hey, you know what champion teams do?


    I know this is a news bulletin for some, but the officials are HUMAN. Maybe the quality has dropped, maybe it has not. That's for much smarter people then I to decide.

    What I do know is dynasty teams like the 49ers, Cowboys, Steelers (yes, I said it) and the Pats all have set the bar high so this presise situation does not happen!

    You go ahead and file some silly law suit that will make us look like a bunch of whiners..

    Me, I will continue to hope Harbs takes this team to a level where one call, good or bad, does not determine the game (or season).

    I am more proud then ever of our team.
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    Re: Class Action Case against NFL !!!

    I knew the Stoolers would need help to win the game, but I never expected it to be from the officials. This game was so reminiscent of the Tennessee game, it's ridiculous.



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