OK .. I am not joking with this. This is not a publicity stunt... This is real!

We as fans have a simple contract with the NFL that we should have fair officiating of the games. The NFL violated that agreement today when they awarded a 1st down that was reviewed and should have been over turned.

We as fans need to take this matter seriously and we need to act to protect the level of play and the level of officiating that we expect when we purchase tickets to watch a NFL Game.

I need a show of support and we can have this case reviewed and ready for file !! I want this to be only fans based and NO (( I MEAN NO )) firm other then the filing Law Office should get any press other then the FANS and PSL Holders !

I would say that the minimum damage from the poor calls was the price of the game ticket! That alone should get the NFL in the pocket and make them think about the true fan!

Yes or No?