So we obviously need to improve at CB, WR, and DL. We aren't going to be able to address all of these needs in the draft, but I think we can make some moves in free agency or through a trade to improve. I just read that Lito Sheppard has been demoted to Special Teams and dime back duty for the Iggles in favor of Joselio Hanson. The kid is a stud! And with a new start, I think he can thrive. Philly's D leaves their corners on islands as ours does, so it would seemingly be a great fit here. And as Lito isn't even starting, we should be able to get a pretty good deal right now. And he's only 26! Anyway, I think we definitely can improve at WR and DL in the draft (Get a DE in first round and WR like Derrick Williams out of Penn State in the second). Let me know what you guys think (and I know this is waaaaaaay too early to be talking about this kind of shit).