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  1. Needs to be adressed for next year

    So we obviously need to improve at CB, WR, and DL. We aren't going to be able to address all of these needs in the draft, but I think we can make some moves in free agency or through a trade to improve. I just read that Lito Sheppard has been demoted to Special Teams and dime back duty for the Iggles in favor of Joselio Hanson. The kid is a stud! And with a new start, I think he can thrive. Philly's D leaves their corners on islands as ours does, so it would seemingly be a great fit here. And as Lito isn't even starting, we should be able to get a pretty good deal right now. And he's only 26! Anyway, I think we definitely can improve at WR and DL in the draft (Get a DE in first round and WR like Derrick Williams out of Penn State in the second). Let me know what you guys think (and I know this is waaaaaaay too early to be talking about this kind of shit).

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    Re: Needs to be adressed for next year

    It is not too early to start thinking about it, but until we know who is going to go via free agency or cut, it is tough to know what we need. I would rather have C Mac back healthy, but if he is not, then we need a CB. I also think Demetrius Williams and the rookie Smith can be our big/ vertical WRs, but if a free agent or draft pick is sitting there to upgrade...

    The front office does a great job of self evaluation of the roster and is not afraid to make major changes, or stay mostly the same if they think injury and other factors led to the weak spots.

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    Re: Needs to be adressed for next year

    It may not be too early to think about it, but I prefer not to think about it. I'd rather enjoy every bit of this fantastic season the Ravens are putting together, and it will be over too soon for me. I'll think about what the Raven's need for next year once the season is over. For now - ENJOY!

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