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    Offensive and Defensive POGs!

    Okay People,

    Let's see how great your powers of prognostication are!

    For the Ravens/Deadskins tilt Sunday Night:

    1) Who will be the Ravens Offensive Player of the Game?

    2) Who will be the Ravens Defensive Player of the Game?

    My picks?

    Offensive POG =
    After a week on the bench, Willis is gonna be pissed and back to his 100+ yard, multiple TD form.

    Defensive POG =
    With all the focus bound to be given to the usual suspects on defense, The Mad Backer will make bad things happen to Jason Campbell when he least expects it.:hammer:

    Winner gets a six-pack of the cold adult beverage of their choice from me at the Jags Tailgate...
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    Re: Offensive and Defensive POGs!

    I'm picking Heap, and Ngata.

    The skins will be too focused on Clayton/Mason and Heap should be in single coverage often.

    Ngata is playing an injury plagued O-line and will probably get 1 sack, and a few of TFL's, a swatted down pass, 7 tackles, and the kitchen sink.

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    Re: Offensive and Defensive POGs!

    Willis has been ill this week - I'm looking for LeRon to get his 1st 100 yd game.

    On D, I hope to see a quiet game from Samari Rolle. More to the point, however, I ope for one from Santana Moss too.


  4. Re: Offensive and Defensive POGs!

    Offense---> Derrick Mason

    Don't see alot being open down field tonight(they do have a great secondary)
    I see Mason getting alot of those short to medium range catches to keep the chains moving.
    Dude just seems to be able to find the open spot underneath and makes himself available.

    Defense---> Ray Lewis

    This is freakin' prime time!!!!

    Nothing else needs to be said on this one.
    Will Die A Ravens Fan!!

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    Re: Offensive and Defensive POGs!

    Offense - Le'Ron McClain
    He's going to keep on trucking, McGahee will play but McClain will steal the show.

    Defense - Ed Reed
    I just love Reed too much to not pick him.

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    Re: Offensive and Defensive POGs!

    Flacco & Reed.

    Our rookie QB puts up good numbers; Campbell is baffled by the defense and throws three picks, two to Reed.

    His definitions and arguments were so clear in his own mind that he was unable to understand how any reasonable person could honestly differ with him.

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    Re: Offensive and Defensive POGs!

    McClain and Suggs

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    Re: Offensive and Defensive POGs!

    For O i am going with the Whole O-Line big night from them = win and from D Ngata!
    Hating Steeler Fans Since Birth

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    Lets Go Flacco :happyanim

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    Re: Offensive and Defensive POGs!

    Joe Flacco on offense

    Jarrett Johnson on defense

    Jameel McClain on Special Teams

    bring on the horse trailer Madden-dude...
    "Nothing stops these Baltimore Ravens. Beat them, injure them, shove them to the bottom of the standings, drag them into a hostile environment and mount a big lead, and they just keep trudging forward like nothing fazes them." (Bleacher Report)

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    Re: Offensive and Defensive POGs!

    McClain and Suggs

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    Re: Offensive and Defensive POGs!

    Lewis and Clayton!

    The Redskins are gonna wish they had Sacagewea for this expedition into Baltimore!!!!

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    Re: Offensive and Defensive POGs!

    McClain and Ngata


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