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    Re: Worst visiting fan, ever

    I agree w/ Houston...why doesn't everybody just act like they are 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 years old like most of us are.......

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    Re: Worst visiting fan, ever

    Because some people are drunk beyond logic thought.
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    Re: Worst visiting fan, ever

    Im not saying you have to back down. Just be mindful when you're in your seats.

    And I agree with T and others -- fair game in the lots!
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    Re: Worst visiting fan, ever

    Ok, Ok. This is starting to sound like a conversation with the hubby. I'll be on my best behavior. But seriously, in the parking lot, it's on.
    Sick and tired of transplants. If Pissburgh is so great, carry your black-lung asses back there.

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    Re: Worst visiting fan, ever

    I'd beat a mothafucka senseless being that I don't own PSLs (yet), but the SAFE Gestapo and Baltimore's Finest seem to alway pay extra attention to me as soon as I enter the stadium...

    Okay, Just kidding, but seriously, I don't like Shitsburgh fans who run their mouths...

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    Re: Worst visiting fan, ever

    Quote Originally Posted by octscotts View Post
    was tempted to bounce her beach ball ass down the rows right after the towel...

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    Re: Worst visiting fan, ever

    Quote Originally Posted by octscotts View Post
    I think I can damn near put up with any fan, stupid, loud or otherwise if I don't care about their team (and we're winning). On the other hand, I cannot even get into the stadium on Squeeler Sunday without getting into some altercation. I hate them. I hate their stupid jerseys. I hate those stupid f*cking towels. I hate their white trash accents. I hate the fact that they're allowed to reproduce and bring whiny little Squeeler kids with them. I DESPISE THEM! So, I don't care if they sat there quietly the whole time, they're the worst fans ever. My husband is threatening to not go to the game because I "can't behave". Guess he'll be staying home. The worst was 2 years ago when I had this low-class bitch in front of me wearing a Bettis jersey. She was about his size too. Everytime they'd get a 1st down, she'd stand up and shake her butt and go woo hoo with her towel. That lasted about 3 1st downs before I yanked the towel out of her hand and threw it about 10 rows down. Security came over and I told him that she'd hit me with it. If they don't like it, stay the hell home.
    You can come and sit with me and be bad--my husband says I tend to be "embarrassing" at Steeler games and it egg nog Sunday this week
    A couple of things with the SAFE guys, smiles and please and thank you's go a long way all season, so do the plates of home made Christmas cookies I'm taking with me Sunday. No one ever believes that I'm bad any way....except my husband and last year I shocked my father

    I got hit in the eye with a terrible towel that ripped out my contact lens in 1999, so I am intolerant to the pissrags and tell anyone around me waving them that they have no right to invade my space, nor to they right to touch me or encroach on my area.

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    Re: Worst visiting fan, ever

    Found this on another board, thought it was funny as crap and fit in here!

    I took my dear buddy to the game Sunday.
    Sadly he is a skins fan

    He was wearing his portis jerzey quite proudly.

    On that first really good portis run he stood up and turned around to all the fans behind him and pointed to his jerzey and said "Yeah portis"
    While his back was turned Ed Reed stripped the ball and ran it in for a tough down.

    He turned back around hearing all the comotion with a look of shock and horor.

    Kinda hard to feel cool after that one eh' buddy?

    He did not do or say much the rest of the night.

    At least he was a good sport.
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