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Outstanding! This should be the post of the month - if we had such a thing. I am really impressed with your attitude towards Stiller fans. Would you like to be adopted? Or at least come over to my section for a while to help ward off the evil spirits brought in by those inbred vermin?

btw: Do you also burn captured yellow rags?
No, I haven't actually burned a flag but we usually tailgate over at Staples because we don't have a parking pass. If we get there early enough to be by the chain link fence, I always carry a can of raid and spray it in their direction when they walk by because let's face it, they're nothing but pests that should be crushed. And I fully realize that I'm a little over the top, but as long as they come, they will feel my wrath. I've been to Shittsburgh and I was treated as bad. What goes around, comes around.