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Thread: Coldest game?

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    Re: Coldest game?

    Quote Originally Posted by darb72 View Post
    And you yankees are supposed to be used to that kind of weather.

    -15 wind chill at noon on the last National Championship we won. If you go back and watch the game, I'm the purple-ish blob blocking the heater from everybody else.
    What National Championship?

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    Re: Coldest game?

    Quote Originally Posted by TRAP View Post
    Ditto on the broken shoulder. I had one too and it was painful and a couple of months before I could even drive. I couldnt even reach for the radio in the car.

    Irsay also taught a valuable lesson that effects Ozzie Newsome to this day. Its called drafting the best available player on the board.

    The Colts had a good RB named Lydell Mitchell so when a guy named Walter Peyton was on the board the Colts passed on him and took a guard. So we could have had the best 2 players ever under Irsay - Elway and Peyton.

    When the 97 draft came up for the Ravens a great college RB named Lawrence Phillips was on the board but he had been in a lot of trouble for beating people up on campus including females. Even did some jail time.

    Art wante him but Savage said, do you want a guy who will keep you up at nights or someone who will let you sleep. Art gave in and let Ozzie draft someone named Ogden and the rest is history.

    Phillips was a bust and ended back in jail where he still might be while Ogden became perhaps the greatest tackle to ever play.

    They learned they lessons from irsay. LOL.

    Three great books to read on the Baltimore Colts are:




    BTW, Hand gives the best reason I ever heard why Tags the Fag blocked us out of the expansion derby.

    Balto had a team in the USFL called the Stars and they were pretty good too. They probably could have beaten the bottom half of the NFL teams and their head coach was someone name Mora - remember him. He later became the Colts head coach in Indy and is now with Seattle, I think.

    Anyway the USFL sued the NFL hoping for a merger - at least 3 teams and Bmore was one of the teams.

    Tags the Fag was the lead atty for the NFL and won the case for them. Actually, the USFL won but the jury only give them the min award - $1 which was later raised to $3 so that ended the merger.

    Hand says that Tags the Fag hated Bmore after that. Pete Rozelle, then Commish, reward him as his assistant and when Pete retired Tags the Fag got the job. He never forgave Bmore and did everything to keep us out. And I always thought it was a bad crab cake he got-lol. He even had a daughter who lived here so he screwed her too.

    On a side not, Tags almost didnt get the job. The old guard like Art Modell, Rooney of the Steelers and Mara of the Giants wantd a guy who was the GM of New Orleans. His name was Finks who had an interesting Bmore history too.

    He was an assistant coach under Lombardi when we played them in 65. That was the year both Unitas and Quozzo went down. Finks was up in the press box and noticed that Quozzo's shoulder was hurt and he was trying to hide it.

    He kept calling down to the D coord to keep hitting the QB, hit the QB in the shoulder. He has a bad right shoulder. And they knocked him out too.

    Enter Tom Matte with his wrist band of plays and he led the Colts to victory after victory until the final play in GB and a FG that beat us. Steadman's book has a pic of the ball missing the uprights by 10 feet and with the ref right under it with his arms raised - good. Even Chandler the kicker kicked his foot in the dirt because he knew he missed it but was shocked when he heard the crowd yelling and screaming.

    They went to the championship game that year when we should have. The NFL clearly didnt want to show case a team with a 2d string RB as its featured QB.

    So we went to the PO Bowl in Miami and Matte killed the Cowboys and Shula was severely criticized for running up the score on them and with a 2d string RB as its featured QB but Shula was pissed and got even with the NFL for rigging the GB game. He didnt care..

    Oh, and Shula didnt even know Matte played QB at Ohio State. Woody Hayes told Shula Matte could play QB.

    Baltimore did so much complaining about that phony FG that the NFL raised the goal posts to its current height. Insiders called it the Baltimore Extension as a joke because we complained so much.

    They stole our team but not the memories.

    Anyway, back to Jim Finks, he didnt get the Comish job because there were a lot of new owners and maverick owners like irsay. They rebelled vs the old guard and wanted a say on the new comish. Tags the FAg was their man and they got him in.

    And even that effects us. Finks might not have blocked us out. The last thing Rozelle told the NFL wss - you got to get Baltimore back in so who know what would have happened. It didnt matter anyway. Finks died shortly afte Tags became the GM of cancer.

    Tags also remembered who got him in. When Jimmy Irsay had drug probs and was running the organization down faster than his old man, Tags stepped in to help and got him counseling. He also advised him that the best owners were the ones who stayed out and hired the best football people to run their teams.

    Jimmy was rehabed and hired Tags man - the guy who built the Panthers into a PO team - Poulen. He drafted someone named Manning and Harrison and the Irsay's got their first trophy beating us on the way on that rainy PO game in Bmore that started this discussion.
    I think we got shafted royally, but having the Ravens and the great group of players and new memories constantly being produced by this franchise is more than I ever hoped for. Ray Ray and the boys have transformed me from a bitter young man into a Ravens diehard proud to display my colors anywhere in the world (Including Iraq and Afghanistan!).

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    Re: Coldest game?

    Quote Originally Posted by TRAP View Post
    AMEN BRO and thanks for the compliments. Yea, Bmore got shafted all right. We had the most $$ on the table for a public funded stadium. Today, most of the new stadium are carbon copies - Philly, Cinci, Celve and Tampa Bay but none are as esquisite as ours. We still have the best football and baseball stadiums in the country.

    Speaking of getting shafted, here's another true story I remember at the time. After buying the Os, Petey wanted an NFL team. He offered huge sums to buy the Rams and move them here but Georgia Rosenbloom declined.

    Then Culverhouse who owned the Bucs died and Petey was all set up to make a deal for them. The son wanted to sell to Petey because he had the most $$ but his mother wanted to keep the team there.

    Tags the Fag went down there forthwith and got Glazer to buy the team. So he even blocked us out there. There was quite a family squabble between the wife and son. Here, Tags rejected Glazer or anyone as the owner of Bmore expansion team but it was Ok for Glazer to own the Bucs and at a lower rate than Petey offered.

    The executor of the estate put the screws on the son and told him they would tie up his inhereitance for years if he didnt agree to sell to Glazer. He quickly agreed to sell to Glazer who promptly said the buck stops here, not in Bmore.

    Then something funny happened. Bmore got even with him. John Moag who stole the Browns could have had the Bucs. After saying that Glazer desperately wanted that Bmore stadium. He knew the $$ from trying to get a team here and Moag kept putting him off.

    Bidwell also wanted to move here. He was sitll playing in the run down college stadium out there. Moag kept putting them off because the Browns were the best franchise to steal - a storied franchise and Art was a far better owner than Bidwell and Glazer put together. He ordered his secretary to say he was out when they called even when he wasnt but we would have had one of those teams if Art didnt move here.

    Art of course turned out to be the best owner as Moag knew and as you say 52, the Ravens more than make up for what happened to us here. Ozzie gave Billick the tallent to win the SB within 4 years of coming here.

    And now with Flacco and the new offense, we'll be making several more trips in the next 10 years if we can keep the great D together.

    The Ravens havent even scratched the surface yet. Remember, theyre still an infant organziation. Oz was a baby GM when he won the SB. Then he had to gut the team in 01 and came within 8 plays of making the POs the next year with one of the youngest teams in history.

    We're now just getting over the gutting and getting a good offense to go with our great D.

    It was worth the wait.*Also, look at all Ozzie guys as GMs - Pialo in NE, Phil in Cleve and Shack in Jacksonville.

    God were we lucky that Bidwell didn't move his team here!!!

    I may have been forced to move to Canada if that happened!!

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    Re: Coldest game?

    Quote Originally Posted by TRAP View Post
    One last funny story.

    During the expansion derby, Herb Belgrad was the head of the stadium authority and instrumental with Moag for brining the Browns here. Along with the guv he helped keep the public $$ in Annapolis when the jerk Miller down there actually raided it a couple of time.

    We got the Browns when Glendenning became guv and he knew that $$ would be gone soon. He appointed Moag to get a team and got Moag to send out letters to all NFL owners that they were taking that $$ off the table.

    Thats when Art, Bidwell and Tags the Fag jumped.

    Anyway, Belgrad worked out at Balleys in White Marsh and brought his pal - Boogie Wineglass into the gym. Most of the guys didnt know who they were but some of us did.

    Boogies was one of the guys trying to bring a franchise team here. Tags didnt like him either because he had a long pony tail He even said they liked a conservative guy with a conservative business someplace.

    Well that as Boogie. He owned the Merry-Go-Round retail stores across the country and lived in Aspen. He actually met with all the owners to make his presentation as the new owner of Bmore's franchise team.

    Tags or someone brought up his clubbing and that he liked to dance and boggie said yea, but Im not as good a dancer as Bud Adams who owned the Oilers that are now the Titans.

    Anyway, I walked into the hot tub in Balleys one night and saw Belgrad and Boggie sitting there. I was besides myself. I kept thanking them for trying to bring a team here.

    I asked Belgrad about Lerner as a prospective owner. he was brought in as a partner to Modell. He was Art's banker and the guy who told him to leave town because of his debt. Lerner later became owner of the new Browns franchise and Art was really pissed about that. He was supposed to be writing a book about it.

    So I asked Blegrad if Lerner sabataged our offer so hed get the Browns.

    Herb yelled, how did you know about all this. I said I heard about it. he was shocked I knew all the details and then just smiled. I saw Herb several times after that - in the hot tub and he was always nice to me.

    I asked Boggie something about the movie - DINER. Boggie was also one of Lebvenson's best friends and was played by Mickey Rourke in one of his earliest roles.

    I asked if all that was true. He said it wasnt true about my following that gilr in my car as she rode her horse in the country side. It was supposed to be out Greenspring Valley.

    Boogie said I never got north of Belvedere Ave. I said, thats where I grew up - in Govans.

    On a final note, the guys in the poltical forum know Im a conservative but I rewarded Glendenning with my vote when he ran the second time.

    he promised us that he would bring a football team and he was the only politician in my lifetime that kept a promise.

    It's amazing what goes on outside the knowledge of the average fan, who could never imagine all the things you just laid out in this thread, TRAP...

    I'll tell you one thing: I vowed to NEVER root for another NFL team if it didn't have the word BALTIMORE in front of it!! My girlfriend in High School tried to get me to root for the Cowboys and I dumped her and shortly after joining the Marine Corps, I reported in to the 2nd Marine Division at Camp Lejeune, NC, and everyone kept telling me that I should root for the new Carolina Panthers team that was coming in 95' so I could get a fresh start.

    Let's just say that I told those @$$holes where they could stick their Panthers!!

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    Re: Coldest game?

    I was up at Walden Golf Club about 10 years ago and was just putting around on the practice green late one afternoon. This short black guy about 5'5" pulled up in a cart and asked if I wanted to play a couple holes with him. I had already played but thought what the heck, he had the cart and there was still daylight left. I threw my clubs on the back and noticed he had an old Baltimore Colts golf bag which I thought was really cool. I hopped on the cart and he said his name was Howard and we shook hands.

    As we were teeing off, I realized that this could be Howard Stevens...The 5'5" 160 pound kick returner for the Colts in the mid to late 70's. He was one of my favorites as a kid since he was so small. I looked at him and I said, you're Howard Stevens, huh? He had a shocked look on his face and couldn't believe someone about 20 years younger than him would know him and remember him. He actually shooked my hand and said thanks to me for remembering him. It was a unique moment.

    He told endless stories of those 75-77 years. How much he liked playing in Baltimore after being drafted by the 'Aints. What a sin it was to lose the team in 84.

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    Re: Coldest game?

    Quote Originally Posted by TRAP View Post
    Galen - Youre absolutely right about the wife. That was a little over the top putting the girl in a closet. I actually like you better in this forum than the political forum-lol.
    that's because you are sensible on this side.

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    Re: Coldest game?

    Ahhh the memories that I missed out on for 13 years as a kid/young adult...
    I have only a vague memory of those days, but I remember enough to know that my family was a group of diehard Os and Colts fans... I remember meeting and shaking Eddie Murray's hand at Memorial Stadium before the game and that game he hit TWO homeruns, making me think that my handshake was somehow magical...

    I remember vividly walking around the house as a kid in my underwear with a baseball in my hand pretending I was my favorite player-- Jim Palmer, aka "Cakes"... Those were the days, man!

    And though I don't have the yearbook pictures to prove it, I'm almost positive that at some point during the mid 70s/early 80s that Baltimore Greg had a mullet...

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    Re: Coldest game?

    As we were teeing off, I realized that this could be Howard Stevens...The 5'5" 160 pound kick returner for the Colts in the mid to late 70's. He was one of my favorites as a kid since he was so small. I looked at him and I said, you're Howard Stevens, huh? He had a shocked look on his face and couldn't believe someone about 20 years younger than him would know him and remember him. He actually shooked my hand and said thanks to me for remembering him. It was a unique moment.
    I definitely remember Howard Stevens, but I thought he was closer to 5'7". Still a very small guy to be playing in the NFL. I would cringe every time he hit the wall on a kickoff, but he had sure hands and the speed and moves to break the big one.

    Boy, the memories on this thread.

    WORLD CHAMPIONS 2000 * 2012

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    Re: Coldest game?

    I have some non-football pics of Big Daddy that you's like. Maybe I'll scan them and post them. They show very clearly that he was one large dude.

    WORLD CHAMPIONS 2000 * 2012

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    Re: Coldest game?

    Big Daddy Lipscomb was one bad dude, according to my old man.

    Too bad he couldn't leave the heroin alone...

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    Re: Coldest game?

    Gino's closed in the early 80s if I remember correctly... I was still a young boy and remember how much I preferred Gino's to McDonalds!

    Art Donovan was probably my favorite old-time Colt of all because of his colorful personality and of course his status as a United States Marine!

    The best football show I've ever watched was Braase, Donovan, Davis and Fans during the 90s because the contrast between Braase and Donovan was so sharp...LOL Plus Fatso always painted a vivid picture of the locker room and away from the field adventures of the players that you just knew those dudes were having the times of their lives!

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    Re: Coldest game?

    I feel your pain, TRAP.

    The men in my family (grandad, uncles and dad) never talk about Super Bowl 3. It was the one of those things that was never to be mentioned in public or private. And till this very day, my grandad still believes the mob had action on that game and some players were responsible for throwing the game.

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    Re: Coldest game?

    I've always had my suspicions about the Dolphins game last year. It all just seemed too convenient. Just like the "Tuck Rule" game in New England and the Jeffrey Maeier game against the Yankees.

    Come to think of it, my grandad still won't even acknowledge that SB 3 was even played, much less that Morral choked and Unitas didn't have enough time to complete the comeback...Weird stuff, man...But good to hear about things concerning the time in Baltimore football before I was born...

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    Re: Coldest game?

    True! So maybe something good did come out of all the corruption and back room dealing. The NFL is the biggest sports league around and we have the Ravens and a great owner who is a hometown guy and a front office that if not THE best, is one of the top FOs in football.

    As for Johnny U playing in San Diego, my old man still gets choked up about that time in his life. He tells me that next to Muhammad Ali losing that first fight to Frazier in Madison Square Garden, seeing the Golden Arm in another uniform was the most heartbreaking sports moment of his life.

    He told me to imagine how I would feel seeing Ray Lewis in a Redskins or Steelers jersey and it might come close to the pain he felt!

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    Re: Coldest game?

    Quote Originally Posted by TRAP View Post
    Remember the conversation on Big Daddy Lipscomb above.

    Here's a pic of him with a guy in his head vice. OUCH!

    He weighed 300 lbs but unlike Fatso, no fat - all muscle as you see here.
    Yeah, he doesn't look like the kind of guy a QB would want to run into in a dark alley!!


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