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    Prestons article...OOPS

    Haven't I read this before?
    Deja Vu all over again.
    He borrowed your theme TL!

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    Re: Prestons article...OOPS

    Everyone knows that Preston is the laziest columnist in town. He never goes to One Winning Drive, well rarely because no one will talk to him. What do you expect. It does not surprise me that he reads Tony's is a good read but damn, dude, toooo similiar....

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    Re: Prestons article...OOPS

    The only difference between the two, which is a given, is that Mike Preston had to take his usual shot at Kyle Boller too. But you expect that from him. Somehow he managed not to take his gratuitous shot at Billick this time. He must have read his column and thought, "Damn, I forgot that!".

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    Re: Prestons article...OOPS

    Mike Preston has the imagination of carrot. My dog is smarter than he is, and can probably write a better column. The guy is the WORST sports columnist I have ever read, bar none. I continue to be amazed that he keeps his job.

    It takes a remarkably bad columnist to keep me from reading anything Ravens-related, but if it's by Preston, I'm not reading it. I just know ahead of time that it won't be worth it.

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    Re: Prestons article...OOPS

    For once I might actually agree with Preston. He kind of said what I have been thinking which is: Friday night was disturbing but I am not concerned...yet. If the same thing happens Thursday night then the concern will begin. If the same thing happens in Tampa, I will be more concerned. If the same thing happens in Tampa and our first home game against the Raiders, then I will go ahead and join the Chicken Little club that it seems some people have been a part of since 2002.

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    Re: Prestons article...OOPS

    Mike Preston knows less about football than the last delivery I made into the backyard.
    Smarter than most Sports Columnists
    Smarter than every Bengals fan
    Craps poop better looking than any Browns fan
    Less inbred than any Steelers fan

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    Re: Prestons article...OOPS

    Greg's dog, when I mentioned that my dog could write a better column than Preston, of course I should have included you as well. But then again, it goes without saying.

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    Re: Prestons article...OOPS

    Wx Kevin....I believe you missed our point...the point of this thread is that Preston read Tony's article and then wrote his....they are creepily similiar.....cheers...

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    Re: Prestons article...OOPS

    Mike has been a bit subtle after the Fassel/Billick play calling retraction the Sunpaper made. I will reserve judgement on the content and the teams performance thius far until post game in Tampa Bay around 4:30EST.


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