UKRavens Newsletter - December 2008.

Ravens are 8-4 and in the hunt!

Following our latest stomping on the hapless Bungles yesterday, it’s not quite the time to say it, but we are in the running for ‘the P word’. Yes, we could still finish 8-8 and be cheering for ‘anyone but the Steelers / Colts or Pats’. (Of course that would only leave the Jets, Titans or Broncos none of whom I have any time for). However, we look like a team that has it’s act together and is going somewhere. We have four tough games left - but three of these are in our house !!!

Ravens on TV.
=> Live SS2 Sun/Mon. 7th Dec. v Washington - 1.20am.
=> (Possibly Sun 14th Dec. v Pittsburgh - 9.15 kick-off.)
=>Live on SS2 on Sat/Sun 20th December @ Dallas - 1.00am.

UKRavens News.
There are so many things going on at the moment I’ve had to put an extra page up.
Stockers to make the trip.
Breaking news here:
Stockers has accepted Baltimore Greg’s very kind offer of a ticket to the Redskins game on Sunday. He flies out this Friday for a weeks stay, which will also include the Steelers home game the following week. I enjoy it mate - don’t forget the celery !!! If you need any help them let me know.

Beames Boy!
Simon said, “My Wife gave birth to a 9lbs 2 oz baby boy called Isaac, so have had my world turned up side down all of a sudden, LOL. Very proud Dad.
Of course we will have to wait 21 years for his full membership!!!!
Rules is rules”

****‘Irish’ gets to the Giants game ****

Niall writes:
Well, I made it to the game - got tickets for $100 each through the hotel! Tough loss, the Giants were really up for it!

I took a fair bit of abuse for wearing my Flacco Jersey - "Whacko Flacco", "Boooooooooo Flacco - you faggot" and "Lets go Giants, f**k you Flacco" - oh well, all in jest lol.

I met a great group of Ravens fans, but none are on the board, they were all season ticket holders and gave me plenty of beer and food pre-game!

One Raven sat behind me during the game but we stayed quiet, the Giant's fans, one in particular were assholes who sat near us! - again, it was to be expected!

Nice stadium but nothing like M&T but in saying that, the new one being built looked very impressive - took about 25mins for bus terminal in NYC to get to the game.

One other thing - IT WAS FREEZING!!!!!!!

Care package
I am now in receipt of a box of Ravens stuff kindly donated by 24*7 people and organised by Ben M. and Toe:

The hats/toys, etc (75% of it) is from ‘Rochardrik’ who posts on 24x7. I wouldn't worry about payment - but he did say he'd appreciate a photo of the young UKRavens in their new kit, so try to get one and post it on the site.

I have taken out a couple of hats for myself and Elliot, and am substituting some of my own gear as I think this is fair. I will give some towels and scarves to a couple of lads down at the rugby club, and a hat / scarf to my nephew.

This leaves us with a small ’pot’ of Ravens gear for us to give to potential fans: I am adding a ‘52’ Purple shirt (supporters quality) Lanyard / Old logo key ring / mouse mat (very nice) / ‘matchbox’ car / ’camo’ headscarves. If you can give them to anyone let me know.
New UKRavens’s
I am very pleased to inform you that James R. from Ireland has upgraded to being a full member of the UKR’s. I hope we all can see from what Stockers is able to do this week, and things like the donation of the care package, that being a part of our group has REAL benefits. All we ask fellow members is that you ’give a s**t’ about the Ravens, and are prepared to put some time and effort in. Here is his ‘WAF‘:

Why a fan?
Like lots of people over here in Ireland and the UK I thought American Football was for wimps who had to wear padding and were afraid to get hit, but after watching the game and specifically the Baltimore ‘D’ play for a number of years now I know differently.

I guess for me it all started after spending a couple of summers in Ocean City, Maryland (00,01) throwing mini-American Footballs around the beach and watching College ball on TV. After returning to Ireland I had developed a keen interest in American Football and started to watch the NFL but for a couple of years it was mainly just a game here and there, and the Superbowl.

Niall (IrishRaven) who spent more time in MD than me started following the Ravens and watching their games as much as possible. I started to watch them with him and begin to finally understand the draft system and more importantly all the rules of the game.

When the time came for me to pick a team to follow there was no question who it would be... BALTIMORE! I instantly loved their aggressive style of Defence and decent running game and ever since I've been a massive fan.

Although we've had our ups and downs over the last few years it really looks like we are on the cusp of great things. Go Ravens!!!

++++ C E L E R Y Tour 2009 ++++

A very kind offer from Toe:
If a free place to stay will make the difference for anyone to make it, Susan and I would love to host. We have a spare room on the second floor and what could be made into a temporary room in our basement. We are about a 20 minute ride from downtown.
This means you only need to find a flight, beer money and a ticket guys!!!!
I’ve decided to put a list of members and their status for this trip.

Toe / Ben M - already there!
Dave & Tania. - definite.
Paul & Debs - probable.
Simon B - unlikely / new baby
Stockers - unlikely / Going this season.
Mark S. - possible
Gordon - unlikely / getting married (July)
Chris Q. - possible
Niall & James - probable
****GO there and be RAVENS****