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    Baltimore's football past and present to collide (A.Wilson)

    What might the future hold?

    New Aaron article:

    Check it out.
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    Re: Baltimore's football past and present to collide (A.Wilson)

    Good read ,thanks Aaron. I especially like what's below.

    Bruce Laird, a former Colts defensive back who still lives and works in the area, said thereís only one thing heís still angry about: the Coltsí ownership of a tradition-rich history built in Baltimore.

    "We got cheated out of our heritage," Laird said. "The Indianapolis Colts should have started their own history. What happened in Baltimore belongs in Baltimore, but the NFL is a huge business. Itís a shame."

    "It pisses me off that they took away our name and that every record says Iím an Indianapolis Colt and I wasnít," Matte said. "Iím proud to be a Baltimore Colt, and nothing will ever change that."

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    Re: Baltimore's football past and present to collide (A.Wilson)

    We will have Bruce in studio with us on GAMETIME Friday night at 7 on AM 1300. We plan to roll up our sleeves and drill down.... We'll also get Bruce's thoughts on the Ravens secondary match ups v. Indy and the nuances of punt returning v. kick returning and what makes for a good punt returner...the Ravens could use one!

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    Re: Baltimore's football past and present to collide (A.Wilson)

    I was born in 1983, so I of course do not remember the BALTIMORE Colts. So when I try to think of the pain that it caused so many people around here, and what it means to this city, i try and make it relative. What if the ravens have a couple of losing seasons and they decided to ship out? Is this a fair comparison? I couldn't imagine it. I am not sure how I could ever watch football again. For the "older" generation; I am truly sorry that you had to endure such a thing. I respect what this means to you and i do not wish this fate on anybody else. (us Oriole fans incuded)

    And i dont understand how the media people can say "get over it". Dont they know that the former BALTIMORE Colts aren't over it?? Don't they see/hear the former BALTIMORE Colts players at our home games, on our radio airwaves, living in our community??? I dont think they know the passion that comes with being a Baltimore sports fan. Maybe they should tell Bruce Laird and Tom Matte to get over it and see how well that goes over.

    Just a word from generation X.

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    Re: Baltimore's football past and present to collide (A.Wilson)

    It ain't truly "over" until SatanSpawn Jr. does the right thing.


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