Bert will love this.

What dips. They are actually surprised and questioning why their stupidass fanfest was cancelled. Duh morons! There is PLAYOFF football about to take place this weekend. Let's see the choices:

1. Go to the Ravens vs. Colts with its history and with a AFC Championship game on the line and road to the SB.

2. Go to "fanfest" to see a bunch of perrenial losers (and they will lose for the 10th season in a row), and a bunch of minorleague and bench players, because the star players are too busy to come to the fanfest.

This decision is too easy.

Stop whining like a bunch of wussies, orioleshangout. Why don't you fools watch a team that actually plays to win and not "to finish .500." What losers.

It's like anyone associated with the Orioles is suddenly hit with the stupid stick.