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    Thumbs down Re: Weather forecast for Colts game: showers?

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    Let's hope not!

    Gametime temp in Denver was 39 degrees.
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    Re: Weather forecast for Colts game: showers?

    Wunderground weather says Sat: Partly sunny, highs in the 50's. Sat Nite: mostly cloudy, lows in the 40's.

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    Re: Weather forecast for Colts game: showers?

    The team with the closest offense to the Colts in the entire NFL is the Bengals, and we saw what happened when we played them in the rain.
    How many points did the Bengals home...on a short week...with the Ravens offense sputtering? That's correct, 13!

    If the Ravens D holds their offense to 13, and I think they can, we win. Beyond that, instead of 4 days between games we have 13. Instead of a road game and travel, we are home. Instead of a sputtering Ravens offense I am guessing we will see an efficient offense that garners first downs and slowly wears the Irsays' D down.

    By the way, how many did Denver their place? Again, 13.


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