This is what is worrying me more than the Giants debacle itself.

If Gaither isn't ready we will have a limping Terry at LT and possibly Cousins at RT if Anderson's ankle hasn't healed up. Overall, our line really has taken a hit with our 3 walking-wounded Tackles and Yanda out for the year.

Not to mention D-Mase is still not playing at full strength and Willis is banged up. However, Willis' injury concerns me the least b/c I would love to see HUGE doses of Rice in both the running and passing games.

As many posters have mentioned, Ray Rice is like "Westbrook-lite" and we need to keep setting up screens for him as well as giving him runs to the outside.

It would TRULY be a testament to Harbaugh and the demeanor of this team if we could still make a run at the playoffs after 16 guys on IR and countless others playing injured.