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    Playoff Analysis/Rooting Guide

    Here are the remaining schedules for the the 2 7-3s (Steelers&Jets) and 4 6-4s (Colts, Ravens, Pats & Fins) + the 5-4 Bills

    12 Sun November 23 @ Tennessee Titans
    13 Sun November 30 Denver Broncos
    14 Sun December 7 @ San Francisco 49ers
    15 Sun December 14 Buffalo Bills
    16 Sun December 21 @ Seattle Seahawks
    17 Sun December 28 Miami Dolphins

    12 Thu November 20 Cincinnati Bengals
    13 Sun November 30 @ New England Patriots
    14 Sun December 7 Dallas Cowboys
    15 Sun December 14 @ Baltimore Ravens
    16 Sun December 21 @ Tennessee Titans
    17 Sun December 28 Cleveland Browns

    12 Sun November 23 @ San Diego Chargers
    13 Sun November 30 @ Cleveland Browns
    14 Sun December 7 Cincinnati Bengals
    15 Sun December 14 Detroit Lions
    16 Thu December 18 @ Jacksonville Jaguars
    17 Sun December 28 Tennessee Titans

    12 Sun November 23 Philadelphia Eagles
    13 Sun November 30 @ Cincinnati Bengals
    14 Sun December 7 Washington Redskins
    15 Sun December 14 Pittsburgh Steelers
    16 Sat December 20 @ Dallas Cowboys
    17 Sun December 28 Jacksonville Jaguars

    12 Sun November 23 @ Miami Dolphins
    13 Sun November 30 Pittsburgh Steelers
    14 Sun December 7 @ Seattle Seahawks
    15 Sun December 14 @ Oakland Raiders
    16 Sun December 21 Arizona Cardinals
    17 Sun December 28 @ Buffalo Bills

    12 Sun November 23 New England Patriots
    13 Sun November 30 @ St. Louis Rams
    14 Sun December 7 @ Buffalo Bills
    15 Sun December 14 San Francisco 49ers
    16 Sun December 21 @ Kansas City Chiefs
    17 Sun December 28 @ New York Jets

    11 Mon November 17 Cleveland Browns
    12 Sun November 23 @ Kansas City Chiefs
    13 Sun November 30 San Francisco 49ers
    14 Sun December 7 Miami Dolphins
    15 Sun December 14 @ New York Jets
    16 Sun December 21 @ Denver Broncos
    17 Sun December 28 New England Patriots

    We better go at least 4-2 with some of those schedules. If we go 3-3, I'd say we have about a 20% chance to make the playoffs. Our schedule is definitely the toughest. Thank god we have 4 out of 6 at home.

    If we want to win the division, we better hope the Titans continue to go undefeated. If they lose 1, they will rest their starters the 15th game against the Steelers with the division and the #1 seed already being wrapped up.

    I know that we control our destiny and we can only blame ourselves if we dont get in the tournament. But still, we should root for our playoff spot competitors to lose. With that in mind, GO BROWNS tonite! Beat the Bills

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    Re: Playoff Analysis/Rooting Guide

    Isn't Denver also 6-4?

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    Re: Playoff Analysis/Rooting Guide

    With SD @ 4-6, I am assuming Den will win the AFC West. The Broncos dont factor into the Wildcard picture then. Since the Browns, Jags & SD are all 4-6, 2 games behind in the Wildcard, I am not looking at their schedules yet.

    You gotta think the Colts will be a Wildcard. With Lions & Bengals at home -- 2 definite wins. @ SD with their horrible passing defense & @ Browns (don't see them beating Peyton) ---- 2 probable wins. @ Jags will be a tough game even if the Jags are out of the picture b/c Del Rio will always want to win against the Colts. Titans, the last game...... unless the Titans are undefeated (possible), they will play the 2nd stringers, so win for the Colts.

    The AFC East teams play a lot of NFC West teams. This sucks since the NFC West teams, minus the Cardinals, are terrible. You gotta assume that all of those NFC West teams will lose when they travel to the AFC East games. Needlessly to say I am going to be a Hawks, Rams, Cardinals, & 49ers fan in the upcoming weeks.

    Also, there are few easy games the AFC East teams play..... Pats @ Oak, Fins @ KC, & Bills @ KC.

    All in all, even though we have 4 out of 6 games at home and we are in control of our playoff destiny, the Ravens definitely have the toughest road to get into the 'tournament'. It starts this weekend... Must beat the SquEagles.

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    Re: Playoff Analysis/Rooting Guide

    Just a prediction:

    East: Jets
    North: Steelers
    South: Titans
    West: Broncos

    WC: Pats or Fins & Colts
    I don't see a WC slot coming out of the AFC North

    Ravens finish 9-7.


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    Re: Playoff Analysis/Rooting Guide

    Quote Originally Posted by Fanman View Post
    Just a prediction:

    East: Jets
    North: Steelers
    South: Titans
    West: Broncos

    WC: Pats or Fins & Colts
    I don't see a WC slot coming out of the AFC North

    Ravens finish 9-7.

    This is probably most likely, especially with all of these injuries.

    However, with 4 out of 6 at home, I could see a 10-6 finish, but that still doesn't guarantee anything. The Clowns found that out last year.

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    Re: Playoff Analysis/Rooting Guide

    I still think it all comes down to winning the Division! Beat the Squeelers, we're in! Lose to the Squeelers, we're out!

    I'm still not giving the Squeelers two wins vs Cleveland & Cincy. They aren't exactly lighting it up and could very easily lose one of these games! Especially the last game vs. Cleveland, with probably Crennel & Savage's jobs on the line! If they can beat the Squeelers, that might be enough for them to keep their jobs!

    Also, The Squeelers are @ Tenn & NE, with Dallas coming to Squeeltown. They are definitely in a position to lose a bunch of these games!
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    Re: Playoff Analysis/Rooting Guide

    Like I said, we better root for the Titans to stay undefeated by that 15th game against the Stillers. You know if they get beat beforehand, they are going to rest their starters the last 2 games with the #1 seed already wrapped up.

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    Re: Playoff Analysis/Rooting Guide

    I have taken (and am still taking) the approach of enjoying each game and not sweating playoffs. If it happens, then great. But no big deal if we don't get in, with the M*A*S*H unit we have.

    That being said...ahem...I agree that if we don't pick up 4 more wins then it's lights out. And I think we need at least 2 of those to be against AFC teams.

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    Re: Playoff Analysis/Rooting Guide

    This week is key. if the Ravens knock off a team that beat the Steelers, i think they will be in good shape the rest of the way to go at least 3 and 2. As long as they than beat the Steelers, they should win the divison on tiebreakers if they finish with the same record.


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