1. Blocked FG - really deflated the offense in the first half, Giants get the ball in our territory, score

2. The Justin Bannan offsides call that wasn't. Watch the DVR, he just got a great jump. The line judge merely saw he moved first and threw the flag. Manning throws a pick in our territory, that would have been a HUGE momentum swing. Instead they get the ball back and put it in the end zone 3 or 4 plays later. A classic example of why you should be able to challenge any penalty, or at least this penalty.

3. The Mason bounce INT - It's 20-10 in the 3rd qtr, despite the blocked FG and the b.s. offsides call, we had a chance to close the gap and make this a game. After a big stand by our defense, this play just ended everything. It was definitely over at this point.

That's about it, you take away those three plays and it would have been a much different ball game, despite giving up two big runs.