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    Re: Can this team man-up?

    I think we can step it up an win 10, maybe 11 games. Looking at the schedule, there's really no reason we don't win the next 2 games -- if Philly couldn't beat Cincy in Cincy, we should be able to take them here. As for Cincy, we've already handled them once and now with Ryan Fitzpatrick @ QB there's no reason we should lose that game. Winning those 2 games would set us @ 8-4 going into back to back homegames against Washington and Pittsburgh.

    I really don't see us losing to the skins or the steelers at home, either. The Skins seem to be coming back down to Earth and I'm not too impressed with them when Portis isn't putting up 100+ yds (something I doubt he'll do to us even after yesterday's debocle). As for the steelers, we lost to them by 3 in their house with our rookie QB starting his 1st ever road game. I think we beat them by somewhere around 7-10pts here -- hopefully someone puts a hit on Ben like Bart did a couple years that was awesome. If somehow we pull off those 2 wins we now have 10 wins with 2 weeks left.

    Playing Dallas in Dallas at the last game in their stadium on national TV. Well, I just see us getting hosed in that one and I'd be surprised if we got the win there. But then we come home again and finish off the season against a banged up Jacksonville team that can't get out of its own way. If we can win the rest of our home games we got 10 wins coming.

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    Re: Can this team man-up?

    A lot depends on the state of our O-line. Gaither might not be able to play, which would have Terry at LT and Anderson at RT. Terry has an injury which took him out of the game for a while yesterday, and Anderson missed the game entirely. Assuming Anderson and Gaither doesn't go that leaves us with Terry and Hale/Cousins... I don't like the look of that, especially with the possibility that Terry could be play to play.

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    Re: Can this team man-up?

    Can this team man-up? Yes. They got beat bad by a great team. Same with the elder Manning's team. We bounced back from that. One thing I have noticed this season, the Ravens seem to move from a loss pretty quickly, which is good. Next up... Eagles at home. They just tied with the Bengals (1-8-1). I think we can handle this one.
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    Re: Can this team man-up?

    I'm worried by the Eagles Strong pass rush, our potentially weak line (if messiers Gaither, Terry, and Anderson are walking wounded), and our consistently weak secondary (vs McNabb). We'll see; but I am not at all that confident.
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  5. Re: Can this team man-up?

    My concern is more of their ability to bounce back physically rather then mentally.

    Their is no doubt in my mind they move on from yesterday and leave it in the rear view mirror.

    Injurys are starting to become a concern here.
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    Re: Can this team man-up?

    I agree with Fanatic. The physical wearing down of the team is more of a concern than mentally. They got beat by IMO the best and most complete team in football. After the Giants, all the other teams are nothing. I am not saying we will win the rest of the games but 4 out of 6 is not unreasonable. 4 wins gets us into the playoffs.


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