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    Can this team man-up?

    I'm sort of curious what all of you think regarding our team's ability to 'bounce back'? This was a beatdown of monumental proportions. I can only draw an analogy to the Frazier-Foreman fight of years back: "Frazahh is down...Frazahh is down", in the words of the late great Howard Cosell. Well, the Ravens D was Frazier, and the Giants collective offense was Foreman, who just Pounded the living day lights out of our boys in purple. After a pounding like that, can this team mentally rebound? The mental aspect of life is always the hardest thing to deal with after a personal beatdown. Frazier never really recovered mentally (and physically) after that fight, and the jury is still out on whether the Ravens D can rebound. With a savvy QB coming to town next week, how will this team contain him? Our pass rush/pass defense sucks, and we'll need a superb performance by this collective bunch to pull out a win. With Ray Lewis at the helm, I believe the answer is yes; but there is only so much he can do. If these guys are truly whipped, there is nothing Ray can do to reenergize this group - it takes a team who can impose its will on its opponent that will move towards the playoffs. I guess we'll get the answer on Sunday. I'm looking forward to it!
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