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Thread: Eagles Game

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    Eagles Game

    My concerns for this game are all about the O-line's ability to keep out the Eagles pass rush (they are tied with the Steelers for the most sacks in the league), and our Defense's ability to stop McNabb/Westbrook, especially our pass defense which basically sucks. McNabb is a winner - I don't care if he does not know that the game can end in a tie - this guy can hurt you via the pass, and given the way our pass defense has played this year, we could be in for a long afternoon, especially if the D can't get off the field. McNabb should be fired up, what with all of the abuse he has received in the Philly press this week, ready to take his frustrations out on our boys in purple!
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    The Eagles pass rush will be an issue but I expect to see a lot of unbalanced formations to help our busted exterior O-line.


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