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    Re: Ravens at Giants predictions

    I just think this is one too many on the road.
    giants 27
    ravens 24
    However, we take the other 3 from the NFC East, and if that pans out, it aint half bad at all!
    Actual user comment from a yahoo sports article:

    On this given sunday you will witnesses why we'll called steeler nation!!!

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    Re: Ravens at Giants predictions

    I think we will shut down the Giant's vaunted running game, but our offense will not get the job done against their D, which is pretty good too. Not having a healthy Mason won't help our chances. Should be a good, close, low-scoring game, IMHO.

    Giants 17, Ravens 13

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    Re: Ravens at Giants predictions

    I'll go with a low scoring game with field position being the key in producing decisive field goals. Hope I'm wrong.

    16-13, Giants

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    Re: Ravens at Giants predictions

    All comes down to two things:
    1) Can we frustrate Eli and force him to be Eli, or will he be Superbowl Eli?
    2) Can we hold up against the pass rush and keep Flacco from making mistakes?

    We do those two things, we'll win. We don't, we'll lose, that simple.

    Giants 24
    Ravens 21

    - C -

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    Re: Ravens at Giants predictions

    Reality check time again, I am afraid ....

    Flacco has faced 4 soft defenses in 4 weeks. The last decent defense he saw was Indy and we all know how that turned out.

    A learning experience for Flacco and the Giants knock us down a peg.

    21-10 Giants

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    Re: Ravens at Giants predictions

    And let's keep this in perspective:

    1). The Ravens will play hard. They will come up short but it won't be like the Indy game at all.

    2). We will still be 6-4 and we can still win the division.

    3). After the way the Ravens played and overcame losing their bye week essentially, and playing 3 weeks on the road in a row, there will be no shame.

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    Re: Ravens at Giants predictions

    I dont doubt their heart one bit, Sting.

    And 100% agree there will be no shame.

    Just two different class of teams right now, that's all.

    I, more then anyone, hope to be proven wrong.
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    Re: Ravens at Giants predictions

    I know the conventional wisdom has the Ravens losing this game. After all, 3 away games in a row is hard to handle. But I think John Harbauhg has this team believing in itself, and confidence and dedication to team principals can overcome the biggest of obsticals.

    For one I don't see Eli Manning as a great quarterback, better than average perhaps, but not great. I think the Ravens defense can rattle him, and force him into making mistakes. I also doubt the Giants can shut down the Ravens running attack all day long.

    In short I can see the Ravens coming away with a win in this contest.
    Ravens 23, Giants 17

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    Re: Ravens at Giants predictions

    Ravens 20
    Giants 17

    I think it will be a close game with either a field goal winning it at the end of the game or in overtime.

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    Re: Ravens at Giants predictions

    I am going to be realistic. Baltimore slows down the fearsome Giants rushing for two reasons...

    1. We're Baltimore!
    2. They opt to go with the pass

    I predict Eli will put up 250-275 against us, and I think Plaxico will get something against us...either a TD or a pretty big play.

    When the Ravens are on O, I see Flacco having to adjust his play. The pass rush will get to our banged up OL quickly, so Flacco will need to find his checkdowns quickly to keep the ball moving. I think you'll see big days from Todd Heap, Willis McGahee/Ray Rice...

    I want a win badly, but I'll settle for a close game and NO INJURIES!

    Giants 20 - Ravens 17.
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    Re: Ravens at Giants predictions

    A shot of purple Kool-Aid

    Ravens 24 Giants 13
    Interceptions / sacks help us with the victory

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    Re: Ravens at Giants predictions

    Keep the PURPLE KOOL-AID COLD !!!!!

    Any DOGS in THE HOUSE?????

    "It is not how you play the game that matters... It is Winning The Super Bowl that counts"... Rumor Ray

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