The Ravens are hot, but the Giants are playing well too. The #1 run offense vs. the #1 run defense is gonna be fun to watch. I think the Ravens D limits them to around 100 total yards on the ground, but I am worried about Eli. He looked very accurate throwing those 10-15 yard routes that have killed us this year, not to mention the deep ball to Plax is something to consider. If the Ravens can get pressure and force mistakes like against the Texans I like our chances. However, Eli is a Super Bowl winning QB. He's one of the best. I said in the other thread he is due for a multi-INT game, and hopefully I am right, but I don't see it in this one.

They will put up points through the air, the difference will be Flacco and whether or not he can he counter. They get a good pass rush but their secondary isn't that impressive and I feel like our running backs will be successful. If I was impartial I'd pick the Giants, but hell with that I'm drinking the purple cool aid, Ravens 33 Giants 27.