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Thread: Newest UKRaven?

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    Wink Newest UKRaven?

    This from Simon:
    Sorry for being off the radar. My Wife gave birth last monday to a 9lbs 2 oz baby boy called Isaac so have had my world turned up side down all of a sudden, LOL. Very proud Dad :)

    or course we will have to wait 21 years for his full membership!!!!
    Rules is rules :celery

    Hope everything is okay. Well done Dad!

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    Re: Newest UKRaven?

    Congrats to Simon!

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    Re: Newest UKRaven?

    Congrats, my son was also 9-2 when he was born. He was born on 9-17, 2001 which was going to be the Ravens first MNF home game. 9-11 pushed that game to the end of the year.


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