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    Newsletter NOV 08

    RAVENS are 6-3 Phew !!!

    Despite having a seriously depleted secondary we are starting to win games with an OFFENCE !!!!!!!! Joe Flacco under the leadership of Cam Cameron is getting better and better. This is helped of course by having an awesome set of running backs. We are heading into the tough part of the schedule with all of the NFC East teams to play and Pit. The majority of those games are at home.

    I donít think we should be planning any Super Bowl parties just yet. But we are way ahead of where we were supposed to be.

    Ravens on TV.
    For the 11th week in a row we are not a option choice on SKY - despite us having the best match-up this week @ NY Giants. This stinks of Halling!!!

    => We are Live on SKY (sports 2) on Saturday 20th December @ Dallas.
    I am hosting my nephew and his mate for an all-nighter!

    UKRavens News.
    No news form Simon B. - hope everything is okay?

    Paul wrote about Joe Flacco. - Just had to order a Flacco jersey from the shop. Expensive I know. But I have seen enough to know that the kid has the makings of something very special in Baltimore, and I can wear his jersey with pride.
    - start saving your money for the Ď09 trip.

    Reply by James R. - You mean one of these?! With a picture of his jersey - nice!!!

    From Gordon - We are a damn good football team. I went in a huff when we drafted Flacco, I love being wrong!!

    Wembley game:
    James said, Game was good fun. Spotted about 12, or so, Ravens at the Tailgate and said hi to a few.

    Stockers input, Lots of Saints fans made the trip over this year, I think they sold their full allocation of tickets this year and apparently the Chargers sent a good couple of thousand over as well, there was certainly a good number of them wandering around London today when I was still down there.

    New UKRavensís
    We do need to have a think about any recruitment, we may wish to look at in the near future. I have had a Ďbouncedí email from James Preece, if it happens again he may have lost contact. I say often we are not meant to be a large fan club but a couple of additions will help.

    *** Ravens game in 2009 ***

    Letís get this started early, Tania and I are going to the USA next year for a holiday, and the trip will include a weekend in Baltimore for a home game. If you are think about it - say so and start saving.

    ++++ C E L E R Y Tour 2009 ++++

    If we donít travel together we all meet up at BWI / hotel downtown - if we arrange it properly. I hope going over with Paul, Stockers and Chris gives them the courage to try to go again. Niall and Simon have been before.

    Yes we will be going on the Baltimore Harbour DUCK Tour.

    In contact with Ben M. and Toe we are proposing a UK meet-up with some of the other ex-pats that are over there already. The home games look good as we play the AFC West and the NFC North this time around - so less fans are likely to want to make the trip. Tickets are always an issue - that is a good thing as we have a well supported team.

    ^^^^GO RAVENS^^^^

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    Re: Newsletter NOV 08

    Tickets are always an issue - that is a good thing as we have a well supported team.
    Let us know the game and in June when the open seats go on sale we can have all of the PSL holders on the board work to get tickets for you at face value. We can coordinate this with Ted (MistaT) who knows how to work these things. He also has some connections in the front office which may help.


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