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    Re: Damn...Obama to meet with dangerous world leader

    Quote Originally Posted by 4G63 View Post
    I hope you make it home safe, brother! My comment about the Iraqi's being happy with our occupation was taken out of context; I meant that they are happy that they have a chance to have a better life through Democracy, or so I've been told......

    Now I get what you was trying to say. From the people I've interacted with its about 50-50, that the iraqis are happy about democracy. Your average Iraqi doesn't like us, but thanks us for getting rid of saddam. They just want us to leave now.

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    Re: Damn...Obama to meet with dangerous world leader

    Quote Originally Posted by TRAP View Post
    But not as disgraceful as this peanut double digit President - the worse in history and the man who challenged Ronald Regan's strategy in winning the Cold War.
    You link to this as a backup to your claim that Carter was the worst president?............Yeah! I get all my news from this "Joe midwestern" He and his kids are brilliant!!!!
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