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    Full Season Pass Rush Statistics

    For the Year, the Ravens allowed:

    All Pass Plays
    569 Pass Plays
    509 Attempts
    60 Sacks (10.6%, best in NFL)
    5.3 Yards Per Pass Play
    5.8% Turnovers
    QB Rating against: 60.0, best in NFL

    3 or Less Man Pass Rush
    23 Pass Plays
    23 Attempts
    0 Sacks
    10.0 Yards Per Play
    2 Turnovers (8.7%)

    4-Man Pass Rush
    283 Pass Plays
    255 Att
    28 Sacks (9.9%)
    6.7 Yards Per Play
    19 Turnovers (6.7%)

    5-Man Pass Rush
    196 Pass Plays
    174 Attempts
    22 Sacks (11.2%)
    4.4 Yards Per Play
    9 Turnovers (4.6%)

    6-Man Pass Rush
    51 Pass Plays
    43 Attempts
    8 Sacks (15.7%)
    3.8 Yards Per Play
    3 Turnovers (5.9%)

    7+ Man Pass Rush
    15 Pass Plays
    13 Attempts
    2 Sacks (13.3%)
    3.8 Yards Per Play
    0 Turnovers

    Pretty consistent info with a full season collected. The basic rules:
    1. Yards Per Play are reduced as the number of Pass Rushers increases.
    2. Sack Percentage goes up with more Pass Rushers (well, duh!)
    3. Turnovers are highest with fewer pass rushers

    The data comes with 1 caveat. Plays where the QB dropped back to pass and then ran past the line of scrimmage are excluded. I wanted the denominator to equal attempts + sacks. A reasonable compliment to these totals might be opponent QB rushing yards. I want to do some Home/Road analysis. I am suspecting yards per play and sacks are much more impressive at home (just checked sacks...33 home and 27 road. About 25% more per pass play).

    Assuming the Colts can get past the Chiefs, I would not expect a big sack game vs. Manning, but I would hope we can pressure him into many more bad throws than normal.

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    Re: Full Season Pass Rush Statistics

    forcing the qb to abandon the pass and run for it is good d; even a Michael Vick will do less damage running than passing. when I see '3.8 yards/play' I conclude the qb has to throw it away/incomplete a lot, which is also a good thing.
    if the Colts come here I'm sure the strategery will be to run it up their gut and control time of posession. Pigsburgh beat them last year with multiple confusing blitzes, which the Ravens usually don't do? maybe the weather will be bad, which will help. Peyton's strength is quick read and release, and he has good receivers.

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    Re: Full Season Pass Rush Statistics

    I think that having opposing QBs have a passer rating of 60 is goddamn amazing. I mean it's like if we turned every opponent into Andrew Walter or something, wow

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    Re: Full Season Pass Rush Statistics

    Thanks for the hard work and great analysis, FilmStudy.

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    Re: Full Season Pass Rush Statistics

    Good stuff!! What was your source?

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    Re: Full Season Pass Rush Statistics

    Ravens in Brazil: I could not agree more on the QB passer rating. It's really terrific. Then when you think about what is not included in passerrating, the main thing is sacks. The Ravens lead the league in sacks as a % of passing plays, and they also lead the league in total yards on sacks.

    Interestingly enough, Aaron Brooks (61.7) and Andrew Walter (55.8) were the 2 closest to the pin on a 60.0 passer rating in the NFL this season. The Ravens 60 is relative to a league average of 78.5.

    Ravcol: Pass rush stats all are among stats I have been keeping all year in a spreadsheet. I record the heavies in on each play and the number of rushers and zone drops for each play. The primary use has been to calculate yards per play while certain individuals were in the game.

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    Re: Full Season Pass Rush Statistics

    Great job Film as always. It was a pleasure reading your stuff all season long. Are you sure you're not down in the NFL Films vault with Jaws?

    Didn't Mel Kiper start this way?

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