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It's one thing for the world to be rejoicing over Obama but quite another thing for 4 of the worse terrorist groups to endorse and finance his campaign in advance while expecting returns when he wins.

You conveniently dodged why Al Q endorsed Mac which was to further our economic downturn which would further their gains vs us in their twisted minds.

Keep listening to Jeremiah Wright and Louie Farrakhan.

Oh yea Fred, China is giving out a $500B buyout to its industry. When America gets a cold, the rest of the world gets pneumonia.
No, they endorsed Mc Cain because he would continue the failed policies of the current brain dead president, and incite more muslims to join Al-Q.. think about it! The worse we act toward the rest of the world, especially muslim countries, the better their probabilities to recruit more muslims in their fight against the "Infidel"!!!!!! That's the real reason!