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    Inside The NFL Says To Old Colts Fans, "Get over It!"

    Listening to Bob Haynie this morning, he stated that when the discussion of a possible Colts/Ravens match surfaced, the response was "so what?"

    Dan Marion quppied that they should "get over it." Chris Collinsworth said that "half of those old Baltimore Colts fans are probably dead anyway."

    Now, you guys know my stance on this. I also believe that old Colts fans should get over it, however my issue is the hypocrisy. When we went to the SB in 2000, those guys on that show called us the "Old Cleveland Browns." I cannot stand hypocrisy. If they believe old Colt fans should get over it, then the same should be said for the old "Cleveland Brown" fans and those old Cleveland Browns have their colors and history, while the history and colors of the Baltimore Colts went to Indy with that move.
    It's a new season! It's a new day!

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    Re: Inside The NFL Says To Old Colts Fans, "Get over It!"

    Us Against the World. Just how I like it. F 'em.

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    Re: Inside The NFL Says To Old Colts Fans, "Get over It!"

    I heard Haynie talking about this this morning, I'll have to watch it myself, but if it's like he said, F them, including Dan Moron. Let the Sqeelers move out of Pissburgh & see what he says. As far as Collingsworth, I think that more than 1/2 the people who were alive in 84 are still alive. Another idiot, he should go home to Cincy & open a Bail Bond for the Bungles. & F Costas if he said something, he sat on the sideline on opening day in 96 & trashed Modell for moving.

    Just as Deuce said, us against the world part II. Bring it on!!!

    My youngest son Kyle w/ Michael Phelps after the Browms game 12/24/11

    Season Ticket Holder Since 96,
    Loud, Proud & Purple in Section 504. GO RAVENS, all the way to Indy for the Lombardi!!!

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    Re: Inside The NFL Says To Old Colts Fans, "Get over It!"

    I am sick and tired of people telling me what to get over and what not to get over.

    There are former Baltimore Colt fans that are under 50 years of age and we all remember the Colts of the 60's and 70's. We are still bitter that for 13years Pro Football was stripped from our lives and the best years of our lives were spent admiring other teams.

    What hurts the most, is they took the name, the colors, our trophies and they are trying hard to misrepresent the history of the Baltimore Colts by leaving out "Baltimore". The NFL thinks Super Bowl V belongs to Indianapolis.

    I am so proud that the former Baltimore Colts have totally rejected that team and are tried and true Ravens fans.

    No one knows what this town ever went through and I personally resent anyone telling me to "get over it." I will say this-- A win over INDY in our house would go a long way to heal some wounds.

  5. Re: Inside The NFL Says To Old Colts Fans, "Get over It!"

    Thats what they are. Clowns They are trying SO hard to make sure Baltimore gets NO sports recognition whatsoever.
    Pittsburgh's all rusty, Cincinnati's a jungle, and Cleveland's gone to the dogs.

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    Re: Inside The NFL Says To Old Colts Fans, "Get over It!"

    My family will get over it as soon as the Baltimore Colts name, colors, history, records and anything else tied to this team up till March of 1984 are back in Baltimore. Then Indy can claim their new history from 1984 to the present. I don't now about you but I get sick every time I see the commercial for the History of the Colts DVD and they show Johnny next to Payton and show the great times at Memorial Stadium but claim them as Indianapolis'. What a joke!

    The NFL did Baltimore wrong for years and will never admit that they screwed up by not assisting Baltimore in their time of need. Yet they always give high propz to St. Louis and Tennessee for being such great football towns YET they were relocation towns too. No one cried for the Rams or Oilers when they left town. Funny how those hosers in Cleveland always forget how their mayor Michael White bankrupt the city so he could save the Cavs and the Indians as well as build the Rock-N-Roll Musume but not help the Browns when they needed a new home. Funny how they were a team with years of losing and their fans were not showing up to the games YET they cried foul when Art moved the team to help his family keep their team alive. I got news for you, with some of the articles I've been reading these past few weeks about the Bill I wouldn't be surprised if they move to Los Angelos within the next five years as New York could care less about them as the Giants and the Jets are the football bread and butter in that state - two teams that play in Jersey by the way.

    I'm off my soap box now.
    Pffffff! I trust wikipedia more than the NFL. If anyone would know football, it is clearly wikipedia.
    -xmradiodave 9/13/08

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    Re: Inside The NFL Says To Old Colts Fans, "Get over It!"

    In some ways -- like looking at the glass half-filled with water (or vodka) -- it's a matter of perspective. Frankly, as long as people are alive who remember the Colts from the 50's, 60's, & 70's, then those rich, Baltimore Colt memories cannot be hustled away on Mayflower vans in the middle of the night. There has been enough support from the "old Colts" players to affirm the rightness of that claim.

    And now that they've been gone for more than two decades, and with our own team -- the Baltimore Ravens -- here since 1996, with one SB, one wild card appearance, and two AFC North championships already under our belt, we have great things to look back on AND forward to. So, really...we have the best of both worlds: a great history of a former team/franshise, and a great present team to support long into the future. What could be better? I feel sorry for the Indy Colts and their lackluster team and fans.

    And the Browns....please, don't even get me started.

    GO RAVENS!!! (41-0 when +2 in turnovers)

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    Re: Inside The NFL Says To Old Colts Fans, "Get over It!"

    although i'm a bit too young too really have any fond memories of the colts, i agree, its a joke that they have the colts dvd with johnny u and peyton manning together as if they played for the same franchise. however, there is still a way for baltimore fans to pay homage to the indianapolis colts. according to the product summary on the 1st disc is of the club's history in baltimore and the 2nd disc is of the indy years. so, what you can do is buy the dvd, pay for it, open it up, take out that second disc and toss it in the garbage, preferably in front of a horrified cashier.

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    Re: Inside The NFL Says To Old Colts Fans, "Get over It!"

    Yeah, I watched it tonight....And it was Dan Morono who told the ol' Baltimore Colts fans to get over it....I will be over it when we kick the crapola out of the Indiannpolis Colts in the playoffs... I am over it and I hate the horseshoe now, but it does get my goat when I think of everything the Baltimore Colts accomplished is now Indy's history I LOVE MY BALTIMORE RAVENS!!

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    Re: Inside The NFL Says To Old Colts Fans, "Get over It!"

    You know, I have to say after watching Inside the NFL this season, that Dan Marino is possibly the biggest idiot on TV.

    He has absolutely no idea what he's saying most of the time. During the segment where Collinsworth asks Marino and Carter questions, Marino doesn't even listen to the question. And if he does, it doesn't compute in his head because he never answers the question he's posed.

    Then he laughs at something that isn't even remotely funny and Costas just sorta looks at him and then says..."Moving on".

    I can see why he didn't last in Miami as the VP or whatever his title was. I seriously doubt he left on his own. I would bet that the brass down there found out fairly quickly that he's an absolute moron and quietly asked him to reconsider his position with the team.

    As far as his comment goes on the Colts. It's just ignorance. I doubt he even knows much more than they left. i.e. the circumstances etc...

    Collinsworth, who I actually don't mind, made the "most of them are dead" comment which was lame as well. Hell, Im 29 and I remember when the Colts left. It's something that resonates here and Costas seemed to be the only one who got it. Then again, he's the most intelligent guy on that panel by far and if anything, he knows his history when it comes to sports. His little speech was great and it's nice to know at least some people in the national media know the feelings that will be coming out if the Colts do come here next week.


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    Re: Inside The NFL Says To Old Colts Fans, "Get over It!"

    The NFL has hijacked the Baltimore Colt football legacy and blatantly pimps it as another cities history. I can only speak for myself but I've been "over it" Although as long as someone is pimping Baltimore's football history like it happened in the midwest, the scars from the wound will exist. The Ravens are carving out their own slice of Baltimore football history and the NFL would rather Baltimore be a doormat to the franchises the studios incessantly rave about .

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    Re: Inside The NFL Says To Old Colts Fans, "Get over It!"

    LOL. As long as our doormat reads: " the Baltimore Ravens...Home of the 2007 Super Bowl Champions", I could give two hoots what the media say.


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